A clear and beautiful mind translates in a clear and beautiful body.

The Bosurgi Method® is a proven mind-detox therapy that helps revitalize, cleanse and optimize the mind. This is obtained by giving the mind clarity, addressing inefficient behavioral models and resetting obsolete emotional imbalances. The fast and natural process, which combines mind coaching and CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, has demonstrated a consequential rapid decrease of anxiety, fear, feeling overwhelmed, depression, addictions, procrastination, etc. and a considerable improvement of confidence, high performance and happiness – as well as physical health, beauty and stamina. The program has been developed over 25 years of clinical research and tested with more than 2,500 clients. Read more…

“Life-altering and revolutionary method – Luca Bosurgi’s system is simple, quick, profound, and life-altering. It succeeds where conventional therapy fails, by identifying and permanently clearing the source cause of emotional blockages, instead of just treating symptoms. This system is nothing less than revolutionary. Rob. O. Attorney

Free Workshop 15th March 2017 | 6:15PM - Santa Monica
The Secrets of Our Beautiful Mind III