Emotional dependency is the main cause of lack of confidence, anxiety, fears, addictions and in severe cases depression. Bosurgi Method™ is a holistic therapeutic course of mind management and leadership. The basic course consists in 10 guided deep meditations in CognitiveOS Hypnosis, a proven natural and harmonious process that guides clients to establish and enhance their self-leadership and their emotional self-reliance – as well as their thoughts, emotions and feelings management.

The Bosurgi Method™ has been developed by Luca Bosurgi during 25 years of clinical and practical researches, and has proven a constant 98% success rate in the last four years. The Method has already helps over 2,000 clients to greatly reduces the misuse of their mind’s activity, allowing them to invest a much larger percentage of their brainpower in their performances, success, attraction, leadership and positive creative powers. read more…


“I’ve never met anyone who can so effectively give someone the tools to live their life with confidence quite like Luca. Without his help I would not have the success I have today, which stems solely from an ability to live myself and be confident in all aspects of my life – things that Luca enabled me to do.” John B. Yelp.com

The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous. Our similar survival instincts and co-dependency behavior traits were threatening to tear us apart. These sessions have brought us closer together and opened us up to communicating in a healthy and positive way. I am forever grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to cut the umbilical cord of past triggers and find their true self. Pepper H.Yelp.com

I have finally severed my co-dependency on others and realized that I have the power to accomplish anything. Luca’s work has made me see the direction that my life can be in, that I’m in total control, and cannot be manipulated by anyone anymore. Finally I can proceed with my life creating what I want, having clarity,and a sense of purpose. Without Luca’s help I would be stuck repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and never knowing the reason. Theresa H.Genbook.com

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“A therapist doesn’t heal, he lets healing be.”

– A course of miracles.