CognitiveOS Hypnosis ®

CognitiveOS Hypnosis ® is a holistic therapy based on guided meditations in hypnosis, which helps clients to modify the priorities of their minds, from emotional survival to evolution, development and procreation. This is accomplished guiding clients to take charge over their mind – reset their emotional intelligence, optimize their behavioral system and build efficiency in the management of their thoughts, feeling and emotions with just 10 meditations.

This proven natural and harmonious process in hypnosis has already helps many to greatly reduces the misuse of their mind’s activity, allowing them to invest a much larger percentage of their brainpower in their performances, success, attraction, leadership and positive creative powers. read more…

End the permanent ‘survival mood’

The prime function of the mind is to secure physical and emotional survival; this is priority to all other mental activities. If the survival needs are unfulfilled, the mind enters in ‘survival mood’, redirecting the available brainpower to clear the emergency and creates warnings and urgency with tools of stress, fears and pain.

If the ‘survival mood’ is constantly active it becomes permanent, dramatically reducing performances, happiness, successful relationships and the overall quality of life.

The Bosurgi Method – CognitiveOS Hypnosis provides the tools to terminate the permanent ‘survival mood’, teaching and enhancing through guided meditation in hypnosis, self-leadership and survival emotional fulfillment. As soon this is implemented, the mind feels fulfilled and cease the state of urgency releasing stress, fears, anxiety and pain. It releases as well a large amount of misused brainpower – reallocating this brain resources to efficiency, performances and happiness. read more…

Luca Bosurgi

Author and inspirational speaker, Luca Bosurgi is an intuitive and caring mind healer and therapist, a board certified and licensed clinical hypnotherapist, a highly experienced life coach and a master spiritual counselor.

Luca has actively researched the mind and has had formal training and clinical experience in psychology, metaphysics, life coaching, spiritual counseling, hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over 25 years. Based in Los Angeles, California, he teaches and practice in the town of Santa Monica.


“After a series of sessions with Luca, I feel as if I am standing on a vastly different platform for my life. I feel more authentically centered within my body, and it seems as though my painful early memories, upon which I had based so many subsequent life choices, have been refurbished, thereby eliminating many fears going forward. A no-cost consultation with Luca Bosurgi is highly recommended to anyone wishing to free their consciousness from the tyranny of the past.” Joel D.

“The work with Luca has truly helped me release emotions and irrational reactions that have been in my way for years and years. If I had worked with Luca a few years ago I can only imagine where my life would be right now…Thank you Luca!!”

August Special

CognitiveOS Hypnosis ® Express

Life-changing 1 week intensive (10 meditations) Bosurgi Method course of therapy. Fees paid after the 4th meditation – if you don’t experience progress you are free to terminate the therapy with no questions asked.

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“A therapist doesn’t heal, he lets healing be.”

– A course of miracles.