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CognitiveOS Hypnosis ® is a holistic therapy in hypnosis, which helps you to take charge over your mind – reset your emotional intelligence – optimize your behavioral system and build efficiency in the management of your thoughts, feeling and emotions . This proven natural and harmonious process helps you to greatly reduces the misuse of your mind’s activity, allowing you to invest a much larger percentage of your brainpower in your performances, success, attraction, leadership and positive creative powers.

In the last 20 years I helped thousands to balance their logical and emotional minds – gaining efficiency and a high level of performance in every aspect of their lives. CognitiveOS Hypnosis ® is fast, surprisingly simple and it will grant you consistent results throughout your entire life . To explore this further, I invite you to schedule online a free, introductory meeting in person or by Skype.

Luca Bosurgi

Author and inspirational speaker, Luca Bosurgi DHyp, PgDip, MBSCH, CH is an intuitive and caring therapist, a board certified and licensed clinical hypnotherapist, a highly experienced life coach and a master spiritual counselor.

Luca has had formal training and clinical experience in psychology, metaphysics, life coaching, spiritual counseling, hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over two decades. Based in Los Angeles, California, he teaches and practice in the town of Santa Monica.

CogntiveOS Hypnosis ® will help you to


About Luca Bosurgi, the therapeutic process and the behavioral areas where CognitiveOS Hypnosis ® produces substantial transformations.

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The did it, they loved it and they are pleased to share their experiences with you.

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1 week Bosurgi Method course of therapy - package fee paid after the 4th session. If you don’t experience progress you are free to terminate the therapy with no questions asked.