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I’ve been hoping for many years that education would become more actual and easily accessible. I proposed this concept in a business plan two decades ago, but the resources available then were much fewer than those we now have. A government-funded digital platform created collaboratively by technology giants such as Google, Adobe, and Sony Gaming could educate students from day one to their final days in school. It would be customizable to individual student’s abilities and interests, while also taking into consideration local culture. The curriculum would be delivered via multimedia edutainment – fun, stimulating lessons rather than books – with competitions and rewards to encourage learning.

Rather than have teachers serving as instructors in the same class from year to year, they will now become tutors. Learners can then progress at their own pace, receiving the same quality of teaching regardless of their family’s socioeconomic standing or their current location. Should students be unable to attend school for a period, they are able to continue learning remotely and without interruption. Centralised software will provide access to curricula for the entire public school system nationwide, while simultaneously offering a chance for international export tailored either as a commodity or to extend educational support from the US.

This project could be accomplished in a very short time with the right amount of funding. We already have much of the digital material needed, as well as widespread access to electronic devices, so it wouldn’t require too much – even the US government’s spending for one day of the past Iraq War would likely suffice. With this support, we can give new generations the tools they need to succeed without prejudice based on income or location and make school an enjoyable experience rather than a boring chore. I hope it happens soon; then we’ll be able to teach children how to exit adolescence equipped with the skills necessary for participating fully in adult life, as nature intended.

Luca Bosurgi DHyp, MBSCH, Life Coach, Mind Fitness and CognitiveOS Hypnosis,
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