The ultimate purpose of human existence on Earth

Angels training

Let’s explore the purpose of human existence on Earth. It all began when God decided to transform a dark and savage kingdom, filled with primitive and ignorant spirits, into a divine realm of Angels. This heavenly kingdom is illuminated by the purest form of love and inhabited by enlightened Angelic beings who possess universal knowledge and wisdom – truly reflecting God Himself. To achieve this, God created matter and designed a material universe as a training ground for these Angelic beings. Each galaxy, star, planet, and life form was carefully crafted to fulfill specific stages of learning and meet individual needs.

In the spiritual realm, a material bubble is constructed for spirits to enter and exit multiple times during their training, similar to students on a large campus. This cosmos is in constant motion and follows the concept of space and time, elements that are unfamiliar in the spiritual world but essential for cycles of evolution. These timelines provide structured learning opportunities for spirits in training. As the school of Angels commenced, new raw spirits embarked on a complex journey of evolution through various life forms, environments, and times. Each step and experience within these learning cycles was meticulously planned by the law of Karma; time was not a factor and shortcuts were not permitted. Today, some of these spirits have become Angels while others are just beginning their journey. And still others, like ourselves, are diligently working towards becoming Angels through challenging reincarnations.

What happens after reaching Angel status, I posed the same question to my Spiritual Teacher, following a captivating discourse on the spiritual realm. Their response, though brief and frustrating, taught me a valuable lesson: “Only seek to comprehend what your mind is capable of understanding. Your human mind is limited to comprehending the laws of material and the idea of space and time that accompanies it; these do not apply in the spiritual world. I have shared some fundamental aspects of God’s plan and the spirit world using language you can grasp, but delving further will only lead to doubt and confusion. Instead, focus your thoughts on what you can comprehend for now during your time on Earth. Life here is complex enough without wasting energy on something you already know and will eventually understand again.”

It was a reminder to my spirit that knowledge and awareness had already been acquired in past lives and in periods in which I lived in the spiritual world. When we enter a human body, this memory goes into standby to avoid confusion. Our awareness returns as soon as we leave the bubble of matter at the end of our physical life, both past and recent knowledge.

A physical cosmos exists within a spiritual environment, creating a complex system with two sets of incompatible parameters. But how do they interact? This universe is filled entirely with matter and energy – from rocks to light, sounds to atoms. Even human emotions, thoughts, and prayers are regulated by physical laws as measurable energies. It is a closed system where nothing can be created or destroyed; any changes must occur within the system to maintain balance. This universe serves as a tool for the spiritual world, providing essential knowledge and awareness for our ‘Angel training.’ As such, it mimics all the conditions, energies, and emotions found in the spiritual realm. While it may seem unbelievable, these two systems share many similarities.

The intricate regulations and systems governing the connection between the two realms are a sophisticated grid of laws and interfaces. One we are most familiar with is reincarnation, granting our spirit possession and utilization of a physical body during our time on this planet. Human reincarnations serve as tailored spiritual lessons, crafted to be experienced within the physical realm. This is why we are provided with a body and mind at birth, serving as a highly advanced ‘robotic’ apparatus for our spirit to navigate life on Earth. This remarkable tool equips us with all the necessary capabilities to fulfill our purpose.

Each human existence is a crucial step in our spiritual development, propelling us toward the ultimate understanding of all the energies within the spiritual realm. This intricate journey gradually transforms our selfish and egotistical tendencies into selfless acts, aligning us with the nature of God. Our physical world serves as a classroom for reincarnated souls to learn and master various aspects of knowledge, emotions, and energies. It can be likened to a college curriculum, where lessons are presented repeatedly until we gain a deep understanding, attain specific awareness, and gain mastery over the energy at hand.