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If anxiety is reducing your performance and happiness, making you depressed, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and confused -  if anxiety is hurting your social and personal life -  if you need to numb your anxiety with alcohol or drugs - if you tried all sort of therapies, drugs and spiritual practices but nothing has worked, or if you are just tired to  manage your anxiety and seek a definite solution,  CognitiveOS Hypnosis® can help you! 

CognitiveOS Hypnosis - Mind TrainingCognitiveOS Hypnosis® is a pioneering mind healing and training therapy in hypnosis. In the last 25 years, it has helped over 3,500 clients,  to regain their natural balance, clear anxiety, dependencies and fear, resolve traumas, gain emotional self-reliance and achieve high-performance.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis - Mind TrainingYou are welcome to schedule  a complimentary consultation, with Luca Bosurgi DHyp, MBSCH, the creator of the method. The 30-45 minutes' consultation is free and confidential, and will give you the opportunity to talk about your case and goals, learn about the true root-causes of anxiety and the natural, fast and easy solution offered by CognitiveOS Hypnosis®.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis - Mind TrainingLuca works with his clients either in person at his practice in Santa Monica, California or globally via phone / video conference.  Book now online your free consultation  or call (424) 253-4554.

About Luca

Author, visionary, and inspirational speaker, Luca Bosurgi, DHyp, MBSCH, CH is a highly experienced life coach, an insightful spiritual guide and a master board-certified and licensed hypnotherapist. Luca is the creator of CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, the 13-session mind-healing and training program, which has helped thousands overcome anxiety and addictions, gain self-esteem, attain their goals, and find happiness. For over two decades, Mr. Bosurgi has guided clients - including accomplished artists, successful professionals, high-level executives, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs - in embracing high-performing, anxiety-free lives. Read more...

"Do not exist a broken mind! Your mind and body are engineered by nature to be naturally healthy, able to self-repair and always striving to give you the best possible service. However, your mind will not work properly if emotionally unfulfilled, unguided and confused. Despite psychological traumas and/or unfulfilled childhood, the mind with proper guidance and emotional supply, promptly restores clarity, efficiency and happiness."

About CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® is a proven  therapeutic program that combines life coaching with mind-healing and training, delivered in a state of awake hypnosis (a form of hypnosis that keeps you aware and in control at all times). This natural method stems from the mind-training methodology used by the Tibetan monks for centuries.  The basic 13-session CognitiveOS Hypnosis® program can be compleated in just 3 weeks of daily sessions.

You can now experience CognitiveOS Hypnosis®  also in the comfort of you home, either working remotely one-on-one with Luca via phone/video conference, or with the groundbreaking CognitiveOS Hypnosis® Virtual Reality program offered by the Anxiety Clinic VR mobile app.

"Trying to change the  behaviors that are causing your anxiety, addiction or depression, without shifting the needs and priorities of your mind, it's like fighting with a giant rubber band that constantly pushes you back.  CognitiveOS Hypnosis®  helps you remove the root-causes of anxiety, clear traumas and gain emotional self-reliance, reducing or clearing the symptoms related to the ‘need of others’ for emotional fulfillment. This process changes your mind's perception and priorities, and consequently your behavioral choices  - a much faster and effective approach than the traditional therapy that aims to change behaviors without addressing the natural mind's needs."

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