Identity of our spirit Luca Bosurgi Spring Hill FL

As a spiritual/life coach, I am often asked by my clients to help them connect with their spirits. Many of them have invested years in spiritual practice to gain this connection. I believe our spirits cannot be connected to us, because we are our spirits.

From a place of brute primitiveness and ignorance, we are old spirits on an educational journey that started long ago. Through the experience of countless existences, we have evolved to where we are now. As we progress toward a spiritual goal of expanded awareness and unconditional love, each existence has helped us grow and progress.

As humans, we learn and understand through our experiences, which makes our life on Earth a 24/7 school. We can learn something valuable from each experience, regardless of how good or challenging it may be. We receive lessons that focus on specific topics during this learning process, such as how to respect love, money, become emotionally independent, live in the moment, respect others, and allow happiness.

Our lessons keep us on our toes and repeat themselves with increasing pressure until we have gained and implemented them. Before we can move on, we need to stay in the same class until we pass. Life is a process that can be fast and joyful or painful, depending on how well we understand the process and embrace the lessons it teaches us. 

Most of my clients come with a sense of regret for the time they wasted battling failure, struggle, and fear. They learn how to appreciate and take advantage of challenging experiences during our work. They leave feeling grateful and enriched about their past. Our past can feel like a series of failures, or it can be seen as a powerful learning process.

We come to Earth with the intent to expand our knowledge, and we’re equipped with all that we need in order to do it. Think of us as explorers venturing into an unfamiliar environment. We have the right gear for the job: our minds and bodies are perfectly suited for navigating this new world. We have legs for mobility, hands that can build or manipulate objects, eyes that can take in visual information from our surroundings, ears to receive auditory input, and more—all essential tools for success on this journey.

The quality and effectiveness of our lives will be determined by the separation between us and our bodies, and the relationship that we establish with them based on love, protection, and leadership.

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