Testimonials & Success Stories

from Luca's clients and students

Luca is a breath of fresh air!

“Luca is a breath of fresh air. Im into the second portion of the training and I am feeling a lot better. I highly recommend this place!” Johnny Ray –Gold Galore Diamond Center

I will not only recommend this to everyone

David Waltom - Mind Fitness“I will not only recommend Luca to everyone, I have recommended he to everyone” David Walton – Actor

Luca is unbelievably gifted!

Leo Foti
Luca is unbelievably gifted! Meeting him and working with him has bettered the quality of my life immensely! With his knowledge love and intuition he developed a technique that works and works fast and works for real! I’ve been around and worked with different therapist and many kinds of practitioners nothing worked as effectively as my work with Luca! I couldn’t recommend him more!” Leo Foti – Director

Luca Bosurgi is a very special man!

Rebecca simonLuca Bosurgi is a very special man.“Luca blessed with a divine grace that you will only understand when in his presence. He has completely changed my life forever. I know something now, which Luca has helped me to achieve, that I have never known before. I have access a source of strength inside my mind that was always there – but Luca showed me how to use it. The deep love and happiness I have found through working with Luca is truly awe-inspiring. I will never be able to fully articulate the gift that Luca has shared with me. I give Luca my highest recommendation and only hope that he will continue to do his good work for others for as along as he can.” Rebecca Simon – Professor of Law. Genbook

Thanks to Luca my business is having its best year ever since I started my business 10 yeas ago.

Mell“With every day battles with work stress, it became very difficult to juggle things mentally. I’m a small business owner, and a lot of my mentors whom are very successful suggested I look into a life coach. I never really understood why, until I discovered Luca. After our first two meetings I was still a little skeptical. I’m glad I didn’t stop meeting with him. I’ve met with Luca about 12 times now, and I have to say the magic he provides to ones brain is incredible. Not only has he helped me visualize and analyze things differently with my business, its improved my personal quality of life with my family. Thanks to Luca my business is having its best year ever since I started my business 10 yeas ago.” Mel P. Insurance Agency Owner Yelp.com

Luca has changed my outlook on all situations.

Luca has changed my outlook on all situations. I came to see him to help with baseball and how to use what I knew to make a difference in my game. What I learned were life lessons on how to better approach all challenging situations in my life. Not only am I playing better but I am more confident in every aspect of my life. Luca is warm and friendly and so knowledgable. He is very special and I thank him!” Will Bucksbaum – Student & Athlete Genbook

Luca doesn’t help you with coping mechanisms, he actually teaches you how to remove the source…

Laura May Mind Fitness “My name is Laura May with Highest Point Coaching. I’m coming to you today with a testimonial for Luca. Luca and I met just about a almost a year ago, and when I had met him, I did quite a bit of research on his work and what he was.

I was so impressed to see so many video testimonials along the way. Um, you can look him up online and see some of his work over the years, but what I experienced was something so much more. You see, throughout the years I had suffered things like PTs d from an old car accident that I was in, that many of you know about, and also, Things like a random fear of heights that showed up when I was 18 years old.

What I learned about Luca is he doesn’t help you with coping mechanisms to overcome ptsd. He actually teaches you how to go back in that moment and actually remove it by looking at the source and making you realize that there is no sense in having that fear any longer. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends.

And as a matter of fact, that every time I hire an employee, employee, I send them over to Luca. Great for referrals for Luca would be teams and also veterans. If you know those individuals, go ahead and send them Luca’s way because he can help them to improve their quality of life. Thanks you guys for tuning in.” Laura May – Highest Point Coaching

I struggled with anxiety, depression, and intimacy issue most of my life.

Chase Gasper

“Luca is incredible! I struggled with anxiety, depression, and intimacy issue most of my life and Luca’s simple method rid me of these plagues. I am forever grateful to him for saving my life. Luca is the best!”Chase Gasper – Student Athlete

I would recommend Luca to anyone who is ready to find true inner peace and inner happines

I would recommend Luca to anyone who is ready to find true inner peace and inner happiness. In just 13 weeks he helped guide me to find clarity and the strength I needed to get the life I wanted for my self. I stopped drinking, sleep better, enjoy work more, see my life in a whole new light . I can’t tell you all the things I’ve tried in the past that didn’t work and how easy he made this for me. It was an absolute pleasure. A ton of bricks has been lifted off my back and all our sessions were done from the comfort of my own home thru FaceTime. Not only do I feel it but people around me really notice the change too. Meet with Luca , do the entire program. Commit to your self. You are worth it and won’t regret it. Bridget Teixeira – Hygienist

Luca Bosurgi has helped me overcome many past hurts in my primary relationships and other relationships

“Luca Bosurgi has helped me overcome many past hurts in my primary relationships and other relationships. I come from a dysfunctional background, and had been doing inner work and group therapy for about 8 months before seeing Luca Bosurgi. I believe fate led me to Bosurgi and his practice. I had an awareness at the time of things I wanted to change and I was ready for the change. In only 2 weeks time, I began to feel drastic changes in the way I perceived people and myself. Fear was beginning to leave me, and I was feeling like I had a ‘core’–a sense of self that was buried in pain and fear began to emerge. In further sessions, we worked on other issues related to forgiveness and self-confidence. I have done hypnosis before, and I have not seen such drastic personal changes like this until seeing Bosurgi. I highly recommend him.” – Joy Linch Producer  Genbook

His work is not only brilliant, but it transforms your life completely

“Before I found Luca Bosurgi, I had been on the warpath of finding understanding. The truth. The reason for all of this. Self-help books, yoga, new dance classes, becoming vegan, meditation, channeling light-workers… you name it. I had it all. All of the answers. Everything was making more sense to me, the world seemed clearer. But how I felt, was absolutely miserable. While one side of me, had all of the answers, the other side just kept telling me that I couldn’t possibly be good enough, smart enough, or wise enough to ever feel the true meaning of love, self-leadership, and power. Everyday you wake up ready to take on the world, with new ideas, trying your best to do new things to give to your life some meaning. However, something always keeps you from appreciating every second of the day. Maybe your haircut is terrible and your late for an audition. Maybe you had a great lunch with your friend, but now you have to go back to an empty apartment. Maybe the kids are screaming too loud and your wife can’t control them. Or maybe you’re addicted to Candy Crush. Either way, it’s always something keeping you from doing what you desire to be doing or the life you dream of living. What if, there was a place and time, when you could actually look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely love every ounce of you, so much that when you look at another human being, its easy to love them too?
I wrote this because this is NOW how I feel after working with the brilliant and talented healer, Luca Bosurgi. Who’s work is not only brilliant, but it transforms your life completely. It’s my theory that his work is so effective is because it comes from an incredibly refreshing place of love. That is why we are all in need of help, therapy, healing, whatever you call it.. We need LOVE! Today I can truly say, life is wonderful and it feels like a gift to be who I really am. I am my best success. In other words. If you really want to become a more wonderful human being, then you shouldn’t hesitate to go to his website and read about his work. Make the change you have been longing for in your life.” Destiny Roger – Musical Dancer/Producer

The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous!

“The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous. Our similar survival instincts and co-dependency behavior traits were threatening to tear us apart. These sessions have brought us closer together and opened us up to communicating in a healthy and positive way. I am forever grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to cut the umbilical cord of past triggers and find their true self. Embarking on the journey of the Mind Fitness is a must for everyone! Thanks Luca! ” Pepper Carlson – TV Shows Producer. Yelp.com

Luca Bosurgi is an inspirational and powerful healer!

Karen BistedLuca Bosurgi is an inspirational and powerful healer. He has been instrumental in my journey to regain my personal power and balance by releasing past pain and fears through his hypnosis and mind techniques. In addition he is a wonderful teacher who has encouraged my spiritual growth. I cannot recommend him enough.” Karen Bystedt – Photographer

Luca Bosurgi is one of a kind

Luca Bosurgi is one of a kind and it’s hard to put into words to describe the kind of impact his work has made on me. Even after the first couple of sessions I felt as if a heavy load has been lifted off my back which I had not realized before was even there.
I became aware of how much my happiness has been dependent on outside factors and how liberating it feels to stand in my own power and independence.
Luca Bosurgis Method is recommended to everyone who wants to be free from any type of outside dependency and be ready to live the life they came to live.”Peter Opperman – Life Coach Yelp.com

I’ve never met anyone who can so effectively give someone the tools to live their life with confidence quite like Luca!

John Begakis“I’ve never met anyone who can so effectively give someone the tools to live their life with confidence quite like Luca.Without his help I would not have the success I have today, which stems solely from an ability to love myself and be confident in all aspects of my life – things that Luca enabled me to do.” John Begakis – Attorney. Yelp.com

Take charge of your mind and you’re off to a successful life.

Runa Take charge of your mind and you’re off to a successful life. Luca is an exceptionally talented and experienced life-coach who helps people who have exhausted all other meant to heal and live anxiety free lives. He guides people to take charge of their lives through their mind-mastery and self-leadership. Clients come from Luca with expanded mindset and perception, and heightened sense of who they truly are. He masterfully helps people to live and lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives”. Runa B. – Corporate Life Coach. Yelp.com

I can’t thank Luca Bosurgi enough for his program

I can’t thank Luca Bosurgi enough for his program. It’s the only thing that helped me walk away from my mentally abusive relationship and take charge of my own life and happiness. Just one course fixed my codependency issues that I’ve had since childhood, and I finally feel that I can take care of myself in every way, especially emotionally. I have learned to love myself without needing any validation from anyone else and I have learned how to say no when my own happiness may be compromised. Luca’s program is a miracle and a new start in my life. It’s the best thing I could have ever done for myself. ” Loreta Frankonite – Singer

Luca Bosurgi has changed my life.

“Luca Bosurgi has changed my life. I’ve done about 25 sessions with him. The first 9 sessions were 3x per week. The next 12 sessions were 2x per week. And the last 4 sessions have been 1x per week. I’ve tried therapists in the past but none of them have given me results, that I feel, have changed my life. His incorporation of Cognative Hypnotherapy was key to ‘locking in’ the actual change in my mind & the way that I think/respond to daily life. The amazing thing about working with Luca is that I trufeel that my past is finally in the PAST! And my excitement for the present and my future is unbelievable! I feel powerful in who I am and how I process my life. I love myself more than I ever have and I look forward to continuing a more loving relationship with myself. Trust the process. Trust Luca. Trust me… he will help YOU change your life for the better!” – Sasha Nourafchan – Architect

Work with Luca Bosurgi was one of the most important experiences

“Work with Luca Bosurgi was one of the most important experiences of up leveling and in some way upgrading the mind in it’s conscious and subconscious stages. That is extremely helpful for my creative work. ” Tatiana Plakhova – Visual Artist

The man who started the beginning of the rest of my life!

“The man who started the beginning of the rest of my life. I have spent most of my life medicated for depression and anxiety and before seeing Luca waking up used to be the most painful part of my day and going to sleep was the highlight. I just couldn’t get out of bed and face the day. It took me 25 years to find Luca and two short months to start rebuilding myself from hell to heaven step by step. Easily the best time and money I have ever invested. Luca is a really special guy and it’s been a privilege. ” Alison (Ally) Andrews – Advertising Executive London.Genbook

“The information is very practical and biblically based so it directly aligns with my needs”

April Spence

“I have been taking classes with Luca and have noticed an immediate improvement in my self-awareness, productivity, and clarity. Although the program can help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, I decided to try it for an extra level of peace and focus so I can be more productive in my professional and personal life. The information is very practical and biblically based so it directly aligns with my needs. I would recommend Luca and his program to students, business owners, and people who just feel overwhelmed with today’s expectations of ourselves”. April Johnson-Spence – Marketing

A trusted friend and a treatment that has changed my life!

Martin lLinsA trusted friend and a treatment that has changed my life. Unlike therapy Luca’s approach is an instant step to changing the very core of the issue. Mindful and deeply intuitive. I have recommenced his services to friends and without an exception everyone had a profound and lasting transformation. Highly recommended ” Martin Linss – Cinematographer. Genbook

Luca has added so much to my life!

Luca has added so much to my life! I feel I can take on anything that comes my way the best way possible, because he has allowed me to see things clearly and with a “Zen” mind, so that I can make choices without having pre-judgments. Because of him, I have become a self-leader who has self-confidence and a great love for who I am. His method is tried and proven and I believe that anybody can greatly benefit from the Bosurgi Method. Luca, keep on doing your great service to mankind, one at a time!”Monique Klarich  Yelp.com

Luca Bosurgi has singlehandedly transformed my life!

Luca Bosurgi has singlehandedly transformed my life. His intuitiveness is like no other and his level of skill at unblocking and removing old patterns, pain and fear has caused a 100% turnaround in my life. I cannot recommend a course of sessions with him enough. – Rayne Fitton – Photographer

I cannot stress enough how effective Luca’s treatments are and how he helped me transform myself into a better person.

I cannot stress enough how effective Luca’s treatments are and how he helped me transform myself into a better person. I sought out Luca to quit smoking and after a few treatments, I lost all desire to smoke. I didn’t stop there and went on to take more treatments to help me manage my life which was chaotic and in disarray.
Luca taught me to be my own man and helped me rid my life of co-dependency and crippling behaviors that had dogged me all of my life. It was life changing and one of the best things to ever happen to me ” Alan Abram – Attorney Yelp.com

Extraordinary insides!

I am a 56 year old female, psychotherapist and I have experienced the gamut of healing modalities. Luca is one of the most insightful life coach I have ever met – his understanding of humanity, men’s issues, women’s issues, young people’s issues is nothing short of extraordinary. The technique he uses short cuts the usual extended therapeutic relationship and I have found a new way to look at my life and am experiencing significant shifts.” Fiona Goodwin – Psychotherapist. Genbook

Luca exceeded my expectations!

To be honest, I was skeptical at first but open to the experience. Luca exceeded my expectations. I’m forever grateful to both the friend who referred me and, of course, to Luca, for making a positive difference in my life. I have a new and empowering perspective on how to better love myself and others. -LeeAnn

My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session

Christine Woo“If you’re reading this- the answer is -yes, do this for yourself. Go. Luca’s method is very effective and he wants to help you. My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session- I really couldn’t believe it but I encountered multiple triggers that NIGHT and the response was gone (and still is). The series of sessions has changed my life in myriad ways for the better and best of all-it’s given me tools I can use for the rest of my upgraded life.” -Christine Wu – Violinist/Composer Yelp.com

Luca has been a massive influence in helping me take more control of my life

Carter Manley

“Luca has been a massive influence in helping me take more control of my life, be more successful, and be happier. Working with him to manage my mind and thoughts instead of being managed by them has been instrumental in my growth both professionally and personally. Learning about the different mind-frames we can operate in has also helped me reposition mind to perspective conducive to helping me achieve my full potential. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your mind, other people, or the events that occur in your life I highly recommend Luca to help you through that process”
Carter Manley – Soccer Player

I was barely a shell of a man

When I first walked into Luca Borsugi’s office I was barely a shell of a man. My confidence shattered, my spirit broken, and a mind that was wrought by depression and addiction. Within two sessions I was standing taller and able to make eye contact again. Within a week, my friends said I had a glow they had not seen in years. Within a month, I was operating at an extraordinary capacity and ready to take on the world. Since I met Luca, I have stopped drinking entirely. I am writing again, and my personal relationships are not just better than before…they are predicated on love and respect and NOT co-dependency. To say I had tried everything before I met Luca would be a mild understatement. If it was out there, I had read it, attended it, bought it, or joined it. Luca is the first person who ever presented it to me in way that was applicable to modern times, in a modern time frame. His knowledge of the brain is unprecedented and his method leaves an immutable mark on your life. He showed me how to believe in ME again. My only regret is not meeting Luca sooner. ” Luka Pecel Film Director. Yelp.com

Luca Bosurgi has changed my life - In 3 short weeks Luca successfully helped me become aware of and eliminate co-dependency from my life. I can't thank Luca enough for all he has done for me. If you are struggling with co-dependency, lack of self esteem, addiction, etc. make an appointment to see Luca ASAP. You owe it to yourself, after all, this is your one shot to live a full and beautiful life. Eliminate behaviors that are not conducive to that end result. - Steve White

Great powerful insight - Luca taught me learn how to strengthen myself indefinitely. I have retrained my brain to be confident, clear, fearless and successful. The relationships in my life have become more rewarding and loving. In a very short time, I see my outlook improving and more of my energy happily spent on fulfilling my true purpose. O.

After going to therapy and taking numerous workshops on every topic from happiness, authenticity and forgiveness, it only started to click for me when I went to see Luca. His approach is intuitive, direct, yet gentle and he truly cares about his clients and their progress. I love Luca and am so grateful for his help. He's truly changed my life and has given me the tools to manage my mind effectively and lovingly. If you're curious at all or ready to make a change, call him. He's the best! Sofia

I am so glad I found Luca!I am a recovering alcoholic that, at the time, was three months recovered when I went into Mr. Bosurgi’s office.I was struggling with an overwhelming desire for relapse and a friend of mine provided me an immediate referral.All I can say is that right from the beginning I was made to feel so at ease and good about myself.It’s as if he intuitively knew exactly how to assist me based on MY personality.I can also attest to his unique and powerful methods.The therapy he provided satiated my desires and once again brought me down from my addiction.

Now, after having quite a few sessions with Luca, I can say without reservation that I’ve never been farther from my addiction.At one point I just knew that I would lose everything again because the urge was too strong against sobriety.Now, with this wonderful man’s help, I not only have my life back, but I have the tools necessary for making sure it stays that way.

If anyone has similar struggles with alcoholism or addiction, I implore you to visit Luca Bosurgi too.I can attest from personal experience that not only can he help you; he will also provide you with the power to actually help yourself. - Alex S.

I can't quite explain the transformation my life life has undergone. 6 months ago my life had gone though radical changes. My son left for college, divorce, losing our family home, ect. I felt depressed, lonely & hopeless. A dear friend told me about Luca Bosurgi, and when I met him, he was warm and positive. I started seeing the possibilities of my life. I am now so excited to put my feet on the floor in the morning and know that life is here for my enjoyment & learning. Thank you - Wendy

I’m a divorced mother of 3 young kids. My long life depression and negative thoughts destroyed my marriage and started influencing my children. When 4 months ago I decided to act upon, a good friend recommended Luca Bosurgi. I was afraid to allow someone to mess with my mind, but my life was becoming unsustainable and I decided to give it a shot. Luca’s highly intuitive and interactive approach as well as his kind method of therapy made me immediately comfortable. I only could afford 10 sessions, but already after the 4th sessions I discovered happiness for the first time in my life. Now I’m a new woman, looking at the past with a smile, strong and immensely positive and happy. Luca has changed my life to a wonderful path of joy and success, I wish I met him before. - Olivia N.

Luca Bosurgi is an amazingly powerful person and that clearly translates into his work. I have seen and worked with many healers, including shamans and energy and spiritual healers, Luca is the most insightful and intuitive I have met. His sessions were beautiful journeys, where I found my inner child and healed old wounds that I hadn't been able to heal until now. I can’t recommend him enough. - Helen B.

I have gone to weekly therapy for years and although I believe it was beneficial, there was a significant life issue I could not find resolution to. I found Luca Bosurgi online and contacted him along with two other Santa Monica Hypnotherapists. After speaking to all three, I chose to take advantage of his free consultation. I am VERY pleased with the entire process. He is skilled at teasing out the identifiable issues and reframes them into what I consider to be very loving and peaceful concepts during hypnotherapy. After five and a half years of struggling (no exaggeration- it was not pretty), I have found acceptance and understanding. I credit my work with him because I had tried so many other methods and none brought the closure I have experienced.- Lauren M.

Luca has help me transform my life. His genius and intuition, his knowledge and experience, his humanity and his love for his work make him the perfect choice for who's ready to get rid of their limitations and live life at its full potential. CognitiveOS Hypnosis simply works! Thank you Luca! L.F.

Life-altering and revolutionary therapy - Luca Bosurgi's system is simple, quick, profound, and life-altering. It succeeds where conventional therapy fails, by identifying and permanently clearing the source cause of spiritual blockages, instead of just treating symptoms. And Bosurgi's program creates this change in only 10 sessions. This system is nothing less than revolutionary. R.O.

I highly recommend Luca. After almost nine months in the hospital, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which forced me to stop my job as a dancer and dance instructor. Mentally I was a wreck and since I've been seeing Luca, my life has changes.
He's guided me through the change and I was able to adapt my new life to my new physical condition. I love that he is very intense and direct in his approach. I am extremely grateful and I couldn't thank him enough for the way he has helped me in the past few months. He really made my therapy working for me. - Saba S.

Luca is a kind, strong, intuitive and exceptional person. Working with him has been a great exciting trip to the real me, in which I'm discovering the endless possibilities of our life experience and the joy with which we can explore them! I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who's looking forward to having a great time on this planet! Grazie Luca. L.F.

I thought I could handle stress well, I was dealing with it on a regular basis living in NYC. Then one day out of the blue sitting in a classroom I had a major panic attack, that lead to more attacks and eventually to what I feel was a complete breakdown. I couldn't leave my house, hold a conversation, I didn't feel right in my own body and lost tons of weight. I was basically terrified of everything. A very good friend of mine in LA recommended Luca to me, she knew I was not well and at this point I was desperate, Drs were no help. I flew out to LA and started therapy with Luca about a month later. First off Luca Bosurgi is brilliant, he has such a great aura about him, he is very compassionate and listened to me intently. I was skeptical and a little afraid of hypnotherapy at first because I didn't know what to expect, but my experience after the first session changed my outlook completely. The best way I can describe my experience is that its like a blossoming, old layers peel off in a very subtle way and you begin to feel better and more at peace. Luca would ask me what I wanted to work on in each session, as the layers started to unfold and I could dig deeper I learned so much about myself. I didn't realize what a hole I'd dug, that I was living my life half asleep in denial. Luca was the hand that lifted me out of that hole. I could go on and on about my experience, but I will leave it at this; I've not had one panic attack in a year, I no longer procrastinate (that was one of the things I realized I do) I've got more done is the past 12 months than I have in 15 years and graduated with honors. Its pretty amazing really, I'm eternally grateful. Louise W

I battled with eating disorders for over 8 years . Luca Bosurgi cleared it within the first 5 weeks of CognitiveOS therapy. Further work on a weekly basis has transformed me in the balanced, happy and highly successful woman that I am today. I highly recommend him. - Carol B.

I can't begin to say how much Luca Bosurgi has helped me. I had major post partum depression and had been to all kinds of therapies and taken medication that helped only for a short period of time. Going to Luca was the best thing that could have ever happen to me. He not just helped me get over my depression but showed me and helped me get rid of all my past (and present) issues that were causing it. He's kind, genuine and a real professional. I highly recommend this life changing experience. It made me a healthy soul and much better person. Helena.

It has been two weeks since my time with Luca Bosurgi, and I can see clearly that my life has begun to transform . Our sessions have allowed me to finally implement crucial changes that I had been trying to make for years, in vain. I came to Luca at a time when I felt trapped by repeating patterns, and Luca helped me see a pathway to a different (and better) part of my life. Luca's energy and wisdom are palpable, and I could feel that this would be a profound and life-changing experience within minutes of being in his presence. Luca has a unique ability to guide people toward tapping into the tools we keep buried deep inside ourselves, and to help us realize and live our potential. I had not found a way to do this on my own, but Luca was able to bridge the gap. I live in San Francisco, but I know that it will be more than worthwhile to take time off work and to fly to Los Angeles for more incredible, healing sessions with Luca. I recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone feeling lost, stuck, or otherwise unhappy in their life. - A.P.

I wish to recommend Luca. He is caring, empathetic and deeply intuitive. My sessions with him had a profound impact on deep-seated issues which had troubled me for years. - Vanda Green

I’ve been in therapy for over 10 years with poor results , therefore when I started CognitiveOS Hypnosis® I was doubtful and hopeless. In terms of a few weeks of therapy, Luca Bosurgi cleared my childhood traumas allowing me to trust and love myself. This brought me wonderful gifts of love and success… I can’t thank him enough. - Kevin S.

Luca Bosurgi has ended my pains. I battled with anxiety and fears for over thirty years and I tried every possible solution on Earth, obtaining only poor and temporary improvements. Luca with his Bosurgi Method in just a couple of month ended the constant tidiness in my chest produced by anxiety and fears, and offered me a new life. This is now reflecting dramatically in my work and in my personal relationships, I can't believe is true, and I'm scared that will end soon, but so far so good! Thank you Luca!!! - Janase C.

Luca Bosurgi is a powerful master. When I met him over 20 years ago in Spain he healed my wounds and redirected my life. Since then I witnessed Luca performing numerous miracles. I’m honored to have him as a friend and teacher. -Olivier DeCoop

Luca’s methods are highly effective and totally unique (because he has spent decades developing them – and it shows). For now, Luca is the only person who does this type of work in the whole world. I feel deeply blessed to have met him and worked with him. -Rebecca

Words are not enough to describe how highly I think of Luca Bosurgi and the services he offers. I think that everyone can benefit from working with him - no matter what current or past issues you are trying to resolve. Luca has the most incredible insight and intuition when it comes to the human mind, and he uses those gifts to help his patients heal and change their lives. Seeing Luca is a gift that keeps on giving - long after your session is over, you are still developing and expanding on the insights that you have gained into yourself and the issues you are dealing with. Luca helps people to unlock the power that lies deep within us, yet so many of us do not know how to access it. He is incredibly wise, kind, compassionate and inspiring. Every moment spent in his presence is worth its weight in gold. If it is transformation, healing and peace that you seek - there is no better way to accomplish it than by working with Luca. I feel so grateful to life for putting me on the path that led to Luca and allowed me to spend time working on my issues with him. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Aylona P.

Luca Bosurgi has helped me overcome many past hurts in my primary relationships and other relationships. I come from a dysfunctional background, and had been doing inner work and group therapy for about 8 months before seeing Luca Bosurgi. I believe fate led me to Bosurgi and his practice. I had an awareness at the time of things I wanted to change and I was ready for the change. In only 2 weeks time, I began to feel drastic changes in the way I perceived people and myself. Fear was beginning to leave me, and I was feeling like I had a 'core'--a sense of self that was buried in pain and fear began to emerge. In further sessions, we worked on other issues related to forgiveness and self-confidence. I have done hypnosis before, and I have not seen such drastic personal changes like this until seeing Bosurgi. I highly recommend him. - Joy L.

I've tried several of things in the past and nothing really helped with my issue. I tried Therapy and reading the self help books, trying different things, but I learned that was all just trying to sand the surface. My first visit to Luca was a bit nerve wrecking, because I thought to myself this is probably going to be another something that will keep me at bay. After the first session I felt a difference and as weeks passed on I felt more confident, happier, and all the anxiety I felt in the past is now love and strength! He helped me work through a lot of things that happened to me in the past and all of a sudden I felt this excitement for life!!! I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would get this good and it keeps getting better day by day. After trying so many things I thought I was at the end of it all, but working with him has truly been a miracle. He brought me back to MYSELF, who I truly am and I saw proof along the way. He's very kind, caring, and honestly just a great person to even just talk. I can't recommend him enough! You'll get more then you ever asked for and be happier and content then you'd ever dream. I've heard his students are great too. Morgan V.

I am 21, and had suffered from Paruresis, a social anxiety disorder for over 5 years, not being able to pee in public places. The problem had escalated to a level where I couldn't pee in the privacy of my own home. I was in a constant state of discomfort, and feared I had to deal with this problem for the rest of my life. Looking for answers or a cure, I hit the internet. Only to find support groups of people who were DEALING with the problem, with no real cures available anywhere. I went to Luca Bosurgi for my first session with a full bladder I couldn't empty. Right after our first session, I was able to pee. After 4 sessions, I am COMPLETELY cured, being able to pee freely wherever I desire. LUCA has SAVED MY LIFE & SANITY. THANKYOU SO MUCH LUCA! -Adam Z.

Luca Bosurgi is far more than a hypnotherapist. Over the last seven months he has facilitated major personal transformations in myself and no fewer than EIGHT of my close friends and family. Each of us was blown away at the effectiveness of the treatment (which addressed, among others, anxiety, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, anger, and lack of focus.) Results way exceeded expectation, as the effects of strengthening myself had a ripple effect on my marriage and my family, and we are enjoying the 'new normal' now six months later. Best investment I could have made. Erin V.

My Experience with Luca Bosurgi and the Bosurgi Method. Despite a lifetime spent in psychotherapy and other more exotic healing modalities – in addition to years devoted to spiritual development and the study of Spiritual Psychology – I still felt like Humpty Dumpty after the Fall. I’d definitely had an ‘awakening’ experience (or two, or three, or four or more). But my psyche was still sometimes a gooey mess. And it seemed like I was walking on eggshells almost all of the time. I finally reached a point when I no longer believed that things would ever become substantially better for me. Then, I met Luca Bosurgi and experienced about a dozen sessions with him (3 x week for a month) during which he applied the extraordinary methodology he developed for normalizing the mind. When we were complete, I put the Bosurgi Method to the Acid Test by going up north for an extended visit with my family. Ram Dass is quoted as saying, “If you think you’re enlightened, go home for the Holidays.” In the past, my sense of ‘okay-ness’ usually cracked after only three or four days with my nearest and dearest. But this time – rather than falling back into old patterns of pain – I went through a variety of formerly triggering experiences with what can only be described as an almost imperturbable equanimity. I can now say, unequivocally, that I am truly Free at Last of the psychic debris that had clung like gum to the soles of my shoes and kept me stuck in self-defeating patterns – no matter how hard I tried or how aware I became. Yes, there’s always room for refining improvements. But these are so much easier to accomplish now that I’m no longer working against a lifetime of resistance and the inertia of well-entrenched bad habits. Those who know me well know how truly miraculous this is! In fact, some are even coming from distant places to have their own sessions with Luca. As one who has had the good fortune of knowing some truly extraordinary people, I can assert with conviction that Luca is a genuine master. And he has developed a healing modality that consistently performs at a level that many claim to do but few – in any – deliver. If you are weary of slow and incremental change, and would like to get free to be who you really are in the best of times and worst of times, be kind to yourself and take an initial consultation with Luca. -Laurel Airica

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