Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)

The main cause of compulsive emotional dependency toward others, of uncharted fear and anxiety, and one of the primary causes of depression, anxiety and drug/alcohol abuse in teenagers and adults
Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) is a recently identified mental health issue caused by the prolonged continuation of Emotional Dependency into adulthood. This appears to affect a large portion of today's society and has been revealed to be at the heart of various forms of anxiety and fear. A few of these associated with Adult Emotional Dependency are: generalized anxiety, unfounded sense of peril, trepidation about judgement and rejection, yearning for acceptance, doubts about self-worth, nerves over performance, social unease, insatiable need for love and consideration, depression, reliance on alcohol or drugs, addictions and compulsion, sensation of being overwhelmed and exhausted, clinginess or emotional detachment, inability to succeed plus much more...

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Our human nature is one that seeks to become self-reliant and independent in adulthood. When we are emotionally free, we can relate with others from a place of personal power and equality. This allows us to engage with different people out of choice rather than fear or necessity. On the contrary, Adult Emotional Dependency leads to layers of unease and distress, leaving us feeling powerless and fragile. AED manifests itself in maladaptive behaviors such as relying on peers, colleagues or family for protection, approval, direction and emotional satisfaction.

The burden of Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) brings a gamut of distressing symptoms that include fear of judgment, rejection and abandonment as well as the need to seek external validation, giving too much in order to please others and accepting abuse for affection. There is feelings of self-doubt, neediness and self-focus, low self-esteem, inadequacy, social anxiety and chronic insecurity. Moreover, those struggling with AED have difficulty developing an identity while feeling like a fraud and failure in comparison to others around them. This deep rooted fear leads to anger, resentment towards the lack of support and guidance lead to addictions, loneliness and emotional numbness. On top of it all academic performances suffer alongside professional pursuits becoming difficult or even impossible.

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) is a set of behaviors hard-coded into our DNA, not learned through experiences or traumas. It is only by self-fulfilling the emotional needs of the mind and become emotionally independent that AED can be terminated.

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The impact of anxiety on brain’s performances

How to terminate Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)

Emotional Self-Reliance

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) can only be overcome through the development of Emotional Self-Reliance. By acquiring a new sense of parental self-control, AED is eliminated and the associated consequences fade away. This freedom from AED unleashes a capacity for choice that was previously unavailable under the restrictions of dependency, and liberates the energy that was once devoted to holding onto unhealthy relationships. Freed from these shackles, this newfound resource can be used to reach higher levels of success, creativity and joy.

The Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method provides a fast, natural solution to end Adult Emotional Dependency. Utilizing Mind Fitness and CognitiveOS Hypnosis, the program helps people conquer emotional independence, free themselves from traumas, and clear away layers of anxiety and fear. This enables them to enjoy greater clarity, self-confidence, performance, and happiness. Further, through mimicking the parental models needed to provide self-leadership, the program facilitates comfortable inter-dependent relationships with others fueled by choice rather than need. Self-sabotaging behaviors built around dependency are left in the past – making way for more successful ways of living life in all aspects.

Terminate Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) to achieve a self-sufficient and independent state. Interdependency replaces dependency and the development of strength and confidence will set you on a path of success, professionally and personally. Addictions can be kept in check by taking control over life events while managing thoughts, emotions, and feelings reigns supreme. Creative, academic, artistic, and athletic performances are enhanced with harmonious relationships that spark attraction. Procrastination is no more as you reach your life-long goals while unleashing your natural power for efficiency and success. Establish an efficient spirit-mind alignment that enables access to true joy and capitalization of past therapeutic work and future personal endeavors is all part of this program. Mind Fitness provides the right platform for emotional autonomy so AED can be removed permanently.

My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session

Christine Woo“If you’re reading this- the answer is -yes, do this for yourself. Go. Luca’s method is very effective and he wants to help you. My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session- I really couldn’t believe it but I encountered multiple triggers that NIGHT and the response was gone (and still is). The series of sessions has changed my life in myriad ways for the better and best of all-it’s given me tools I can use for the rest of my upgraded life.” -Christine Wu – Violinist/Composer

The cause of Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)

We are inherently equipped with the tools that enable us to become emotionally mature and self-reliant as we progress from childhood to young adulthood. However, during our formative years these tools are yet to be developed, forming a dependency upon parents or guardians. As we enter puberty, the urge to become independent and direct our own lives arises, motivating us to switch from dependent relationships to those of autonomy.

The effectiveness of this transformation hinges upon the life-models taught by our parents and guardians; if they have not achieved emotional autonomy themselves, then it is unlikely their children will gain the awareness and skills required. Consequently, adolescent dependency persists into adulthood and can continue throughout life, whereby external sources - such as peers, partners or social influences - are sought in an attempt to fulfill needs like leadership, safety and love. This is known as Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).

His work is not only brilliant, but it transforms your life completely

“Before I found Luca Bosurgi, I had been on the warpath of finding understanding. The truth. The reason for all of this. Self-help books, yoga, new dance classes, becoming vegan, meditation, channeling light-workers… you name it. I had it all. All of the answers. Everything was making more sense to me, the world seemed clearer. But how I felt, was absolutely miserable. While one side of me, had all of the answers, the other side just kept telling me that I couldn’t possibly be good enough, smart enough, or wise enough to ever feel the true meaning of love, self-leadership, and power. Everyday you wake up ready to take on the world, with new ideas, trying your best to do new things to give to your life some meaning. However, something always keeps you from appreciating every second of the day. Maybe your haircut is terrible and your late for an audition. Maybe you had a great lunch with your friend, but now you have to go back to an empty apartment. Maybe the kids are screaming too loud and your wife can’t control them. Or maybe you’re addicted to Candy Crush. Either way, it’s always something keeping you from doing what you desire to be doing or the life you dream of living. What if, there was a place and time, when you could actually look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely love every ounce of you, so much that when you look at another human being, its easy to love them too?
I wrote this because this is NOW how I feel after working with the brilliant and talented healer, Luca Bosurgi. Who’s work is not only brilliant, but it transforms your life completely. It’s my theory that his work is so effective is because it comes from an incredibly refreshing place of love. That is why we are all in need of help, therapy, healing, whatever you call it.. We need LOVE! Today I can truly say, life is wonderful and it feels like a gift to be who I really am. I am my best success. In other words. If you really want to become a more wonderful human being, then you shouldn’t hesitate to go to his website and read about his work. Make the change you have been longing for in your life.” Destiny Roger – Musical Dancer/Producer

Emotional Dependency in childhood

Emotional Dependency is an instinctive behaviour ingrained in us to promote our emotional growth during childhood. It encourages children to acquire parental protection, advice and tangible love. This impulse takes effect at birth and should terminate before puberty when youngsters must learn to provide for their own emotional needs. When this process fails and adults are unable to provide their own emotional fulfilment, they remain emotionally dependent, relying on external sources for sustenance - an issue known as Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).

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Are you suffering from Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)?

Emotional Self-Reliance

Dependency vs. Self-Reliance

The water represents emotional fulfillment.

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