24-week challenge

The 24-week challenge is a set of Cognitive Guided Meditations recorded by Luca Bosurgi to complement the Bosurgi Mind Fitness program. Please experience your weekly meditation in the evening before bed, it will imprint further the material that you learned in the Mind Fitness sessions, and greatly enhance the results of your course.

Cognitive-guided meditations involve out-of-body experiences and require a calm setting, such as a recliner or bed, with headphones on and eyes closed. It is essential not to attempt this journey while driving or operating hazardous equipment as it could pose a significant danger to yourself and those around you. In case of interruption, simply wiggle your fingers to return to reality. If you do need to pause the meditation, please restart it from the beginning. And if you happen to drift off during the journey, there's no need to resist; the magic will still take place. Practicing these healing meditations before bedtime every evening will result in powerful transformations. Enjoy!

Meditations about self-love & happiness

Self-love meditation helps you embrace both your divine self and the love you owe to yourself and your body. The first step to emotional self-reliance is self-love, which is the natural state of adults, as well as the condition that allows you to love everyone without needing anyone.
Our natural state is happiness, but fear and anxiety, as well as a lack of gratitude and love for the moment, often limit our ability to achieve it. During this deep guided meditation, you will be guided towards embracing unconditional happiness as a natural state of mind, reducing unwanted anxiety and fear, and accepting your daily experiences with gratitude and love.