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The Mind Fitness Program, developed by Luca Bosurgi over 30 years and tested by 5,000 clients, has demonstrated a remarkable success rate of 95%. Clients have reported results beyond their expectations. It features a successful step-by-step procedure integrating life and emotion management coaching with mind-healing and training.

During sessions, Conscious teachings are supplemented with CognitiveOS Hypnosis sessions to provide subliminal mind training and enhancement in a tranquil meditational state. The Mind Fitness program combines centuries-old Tibetan monk mind-training techniques with cutting-edge therapeutic technology. The effects are far-reaching: speedy, transforming, and sustainable.

The Mind Fitness program utilizing Mind Fitness and CognitiveOS Hypnosis, works to optimise the mind and eradicate emotional barriers, increasing self-confidence. It gets rid of Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) and boosts the management of emotions and thoughts. It helps to ease anxiety, panic, low assurance, depression, alcohol/substance abuse, procrastination, etc. It reclaims wasted brain power which can benefit confidence, productivity, and joy.

Furthermore, it discontinues Adrenaline Cortisol and Norepinephrine secretion caused by a hazardous state which leads to physical pain being relieved such as muscle/back pain, headaches, and gastro-intestinal problems as well as better sleep and energy; noticeable physical improvements like skin radiance and allure plus weight loss as they develop a new relationship with body and self with acceptance and self-care; spiritual enlightenment via reconnecting with inner higher-self and God's love plus harnessing psychic gifts so that they become more proactive and present in their lives. All these factors overall bring renewed contentment and peace of mind.

"Every mind is inherently healthy, peaceful, lucid, and highly functioning. However, if it is unmanaged and unfulfilled, it can suffer from feelings of anxiety, confusion, and fear. With the right guidance and fulfillment, our mind is able to restore its natural state in a short period of time."
Luca Bosurgi
Luca's history and expertise have created the perfect atmosphere for him to assist his clients in achieving their goals. Through countless interactions with his clients over the past 30 years, Luca has amassed a wealth of knowledge that he brings into each session. Whether you are looking to build more meaningful relationships, increase your personal growth and self-awareness, or advance in your career, Luca can provide guidance on a variety of topics. He has helped people explore issues regarding work, academics, sports, business, family dynamics, couples counselling, parenting advice, sexual health matters and more. Additionally, he can equip the individual with time management tactics to get maximum results with minimal effort as well as provide insight into happiness and purposeful living through practical spirituality.

Luca is a breath of fresh air!

“Luca is a breath of fresh air. Im into the second portion of the training and I am feeling a lot better. I highly recommend this place!” Johnny Ray –Gold Galore Diamond Center

"A well-trained and cared-for mind has all the resources needed to love, create, succeed, be empowered, highly performing, and unconditionally happy."
Luca Bosurgi Spiritual Coaching
In Luca's view, life on earth is a journey of education aiming to improve our spiritual evolution. To acquire this education, we receive very powerful equipment, which is our body and mind, and a time to use it, which is our human existence. Aligning our powerful spirits with our human equipment is key to a balanced and efficient life, and it also represents the next step of human evolution according to God's plan. Luca's program encompasses every aspect of this process, enabling his clients to take control of their minds and lives by discovering their true spiritual identity and the real divine powers.

I will not only recommend this to everyone

David Waltom - Mind Fitness“I will not only recommend Luca to everyone, I have recommended he to everyone” David Walton – Actor

In Clinical Hypnosis, you are unconscious during the process and are treated with post-hypnotic suggestions. Stage Hypnosis may cause you to run around like a chicken🐥. Instead, CognitiveOS Hypnosis, my proprietary method, enables your mind to process logical and efficient information in a very short time while you remain conscious and in control at all times.

cognitive os hypnosis

CognitiveOS Hypnosis (Cognitive Operating System Hypnosis) is a mind training and optimization technique, which takes place during a peaceful meditational state. This proprietary mind healing and resetting strategy combines ancient Tibetan monk techniques with cutting-edge therapeutic technology. The outcomes are remarkable, long-term changes to your life.

The mind aims to keep your body safe and efficient and has a powerful self-healing ability if well-directed. By using a proprietary language developed and refined with over 50,000 sessions, CognitiveOS Hypnosis establishes a direct connection with the cognitive side of the mind, helping it reset to its natural state, clearing traumas, resetting priorities and perspective, clearing false beliefs and behavioral mistakes, and activating emotional independence.

In contrast to classical clinical hypnosis, during CognitiveOS Hypnosis sessions you will remain conscious and in control, but deeply relaxed. This will allow your mind to operate without a doubt that it can perform the healing and upgrading exercises.

Luca Bosurgi has singlehandedly transformed my life!

Luca Bosurgi has singlehandedly transformed my life. His intuitiveness is like no other and his level of skill at unblocking and removing old patterns, pain and fear has caused a 100% turnaround in my life. I cannot recommend a course of sessions with him enough. – Rayne Fitton – Photographer

"Trying to change the behaviors that are causing your anxiety, addiction or depression, without addressing and shifting the needs and priorities of your mind, is like fighting with a giant rubber band that constantly pushes you back, preventing you from making stable progress."  
Cognitive Past Reset Hypnosis

 We use our past experiences as a roadmap to determine how to react in similar circumstances today, resulting in 95% of our behaviors becoming automatic, thus allowing us to focus on important choices.

Our perception of past experiences is contingent on the age or level of maturity we had when those events occurred - something that might look different to us now, with a more advanced understanding. When we shift this viewpoint and adopt our current maturity, it can help break away from issues such as trauma, PTSD, false beliefs, and emotional patterns. In other words, by reframing your perception of the past events you can improve your actual responses and overcome trauma, PTSD and fear.

The Cognitive Past Reset Hypnosis™ process helps you to do just that. Subliminally browsing segments of your past memories helps the mind reassess past situations based on your present maturity and understanding, thus resetting, and upgrading your perception of past events, thereby upgrading your actual behavioral responses.

During 30-minute sessions, your subconscious mind will reconstruct subliminally perceptions throughout your memories of the past, conscious, and unconscious decisions, and behaviors from the root up.

In doing so, you will reset your entire outlook on yourself, your self-confidence and self-trust, your relationship with others, and your behaviors about love, neediness, emotions, feelings, emotional numbness, excessive protectiveness, and fear. By releasing yourself from past traumas and post-traumatic stress disorder, obsolete negative beliefs, and limitations, you will be able to free your full potential, whether it's in business, your relationship or discovering who you really are.

We can scan a specific event of your life or segments of your memory timeline during the sessions. In order to maximize past experiences, clear false beliefs, obsolete negative unconscious behaviors, confusion, fear, anxiety and uncharted fears, most clients prefer a full examination of their pasts.

It is during the first 12 years of life that we lay down the foundation for our behavioral system, then during our teenage years we use a fresh set of experiences to build self-reliance, then during the rest of our lives the pace of new events is more compelling, but slower. As a result, Cognitive Past Reset Hypnosis™ segments the life timeline into progressively longer periods, each requiring a dedicated session.

  • 1-12 years: 2 years segments ( 6 sessions)

  • 12-20 years: 3 years segments  (3 sessions)

  • 20-80 years : 5 years segments 

One or two week sessions, in person at the Spring Hill studio or via Zoom/FaceTime are recommended for the full progressive memory reset. Due to the constant updating of our maturity, understanding, and mental evolution, the full reset and upgrade of our memory and behavioral system should be repeated every 8-10 years.

To know more about the program feel free to book a free consultation with Luca Bosurgi.

The Memory Bank

Our mind contains a memory bank that collects, indexes, and stores every event of our lives. This large database is accessed billions of times every day to identify behavioral responses to current events. Having this allows us to respond automatically to most of our daily tasks, such as walking, talking, and driving. Without it, we would have to rethink everything we do. Memory banks serve only to provide us with the most efficient and safe response to actual events.

Memory banks store events in layers: 1. raw data 2. perceptions of these data 3. conscious and unconscious decisions based on these perceptions 4. the behaviors resulting from these decisions 5. the success or failure of these behaviors.

We can't change raw data; it's what happened. However, we can change how we view that event, reassessing it from today's perspective, which changes the behaviors associated with it, and how we will respond to similar situations in the future.

Thanks to Luca my business is having its best year ever since I started my business 10 yeas ago.

Mell“With every day battles with work stress, it became very difficult to juggle things mentally. I’m a small business owner, and a lot of my mentors whom are very successful suggested I look into a life coach. I never really understood why, until I discovered Luca. After our first two meetings I was still a little skeptical. I’m glad I didn’t stop meeting with him. I’ve met with Luca about 12 times now, and I have to say the magic he provides to ones brain is incredible. Not only has he helped me visualize and analyze things differently with my business, its improved my personal quality of life with my family. Thanks to Luca my business is having its best year ever since I started my business 10 yeas ago.” Mel P. Insurance Agency Owner

"Codependent love is self-centered and egotistical because it is based on need.  Self-sufficient and independent love is powerful and pure, since it is based on emotional choices."

Cognitive Guided MeditationTM (CGM) is one of Luca Bosurgi's proprietary subliminal mind training, detoxing, and enhancement programs delivered in deep meditation. Each exercise supports the natural clearing and enhancement of a particular area of your cognitive system by using language that your mind understands, appreciates, and acts upon.

Luca exceeded my expectations!

To be honest, I was skeptical at first but open to the experience. Luca exceeded my expectations. I’m forever grateful to both the friend who referred me and, of course, to Luca, for making a positive difference in my life. I have a new and empowering perspective on how to better love myself and others. -LeeAnn

Luca Bosurgi DHyp MBSCH
Luca Bosurgi DHyp MBSCH
Luca Bosurgi ACA

You own your mind, you are not owned by your mind!

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

The mind is highly efficient and always seeks the best options

Your mind belongs to you, is perfect and always tries to provide you with the safest and most efficient life. If it doesn’t, it’s because your mind is unguided and confused.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

Mental struggles are the consequences of an unguided and unloved mind

An unloved and unmanaged mind feels like an abandoned kid, anxious, confused, scared, overwhelmed, angry and depressed.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

The mind requires your leadership and love to operate efficiently

A well trained and cared mind, has all the needed resources to love, create, succeed, be empowered, highly performing and unconditionally happy.