How to serve humanity through love as a healer.

Healer at service

The answer to your question about being in God’s service as a healer is very straightforward. Don’t try to be holy and a perfect follower of the ‘good’ rules—that’s not what this is about.. Being in service of the Higher Forces is a choice.

It’s the act of joining a team of people operating to bring forward the Divine Plan with efficiency and intelligence. This team is all over the world. Most do not know each other, no one is a leader of the team, and it doesn’t have an organization or structure. This is a plant that is aimed at bringing humanity to the next level of evolution, created, instructed, and supported directly by the Higher Forces. People of every religion, color, status, and faith are part of it—some consciously and some unconsciously. The only condition is the commitment to a better and more efficient world, based on self-leadership and efficiency in an environment of love and honesty.

We are a select team of Special Forces working in the name of love, trained to work fast and effectively, mostly with difficult cases. We don’t have time for fluff, superstitions, religious or cultural barriers. If you want to be part of it, learn how to be just and honest. Become proud of your truthfulness with yourself, with your dear ones, with your friends, and with the people that you are helping. Don’t pretend to know what you don’t; you already know much more than most. Forget about yourself because you are good with yourself, and focus your attention and efforts entirely on the people around you. Bring joy and fun into your life. Enjoy every minute of it and avoid unnecessary drama or stress fabricated to feel indispensable or a martyr to your mission.

In your healing work, you can ask to be used, you can ask to be given a rest, you can ask for the rhythm of work that you desire, and the Higher Forces will regulate the flow of jobs assigned to you, according to your wishes. If you feel overwhelmed by the mission, you are handling your task poorly. If you are overtired after a day of work, you are misusing your own energies instead of working with the energies of Above. Be smart and efficient—tired healers are not good healers. Trust the Higher Forces to keep you safe from dark energies.

Your faith is your shield, and you will never need white sage or burning incense to clear your space. And always be a constant source of love. Offer intelligent love in every aspect and each moment of your life. Love represents the highest frequency in the world of matter and is the link with the world of the spirit. Love is the cause and the effect of all the acts of God. Because of love, we exist. Because of love, the universe has been created. Because of love, we are trained to become Angels. Love is the divine energy that enlightens the spiritual world and is the highest in the rank of evolution. The most powerful of all things is the light of love. This is determined by a simple law of cause and effect.

Primitive spirits, because of their lack of awareness, are self-centered and embedded in themselves and their needs. Every act is conditioned to self-reward, every effort is used to gather and not to give. No energy is issued; only energy is absorbed. They are lightless, like black holes. Spiritual evolution, through many incarnations in the material world, changes the focus and the direction of that flow of energy, transforming selfishness into love, and black holes into stars.

My Holy Teacher described the spiritual world as a place where spirits are in an evolution toward the light of love—the essence of God. As much as love is the essence of God, so the absence of love is the essence of evil. Hell exists, but certainly not as a place of punishment. Hell is a dark side in the spiritual world populated and managed by a hierarchy of primitive spirits that are still rejecting the energy of love. Some haven’t started the journey of evolution yet; some others did, but they couldn’t deal with the loss of their self-centered ego, so they returned to where they started. There are people in this world who kill and torture with no consciousness or mercy. These are not evil people; they are just very primitive spirits. Most spirits in the initial phase of the journey are cruel and merciless. Life is only about them, and love is still an unknown energy. But this is just the start of the journey not an expression of the darkness. Very likely the same spirits will save lives and heal people in future reincarnations when their spiritual advancement reaches a higher level of awareness.

Consider love as the fuel of our work and mission. If you combine limitless and unconditional love with the power of your mind, you will be the greatest healer