Eternal identity vs. Temporal identity (simple vs. complex)

Divine Identity - Luca Bosurgi

Who are you? What is your identity?  The answer to this question will determine your relationship with the world around you.  If you define yourself and worth by external factors such as beauty, wealth, or skills you are a gluten for punishment because the never-ending pressure of maintaining and enhancing these factors will consume you and your life.   If your self-worth is dependent on things you can buy, or have others give you then you are putting your own worth into the estimation of others.  When you can’t physically or emotionally afford these anymore you will suffer a loss of identity, this will put you in a position of extreme vulnerability and despair.  This way of measuring your worth makes you vulnerable to the negative effects of mental chaos because it requires so much brain power and mental energy, reducing your ability to be self-reliant, thereby robbing you of peace, balance, happiness, and your true natural powers.

You should choose instead to identify as a powerful eternal spirit, of a giant that is complete and does not need additional features, assets, or skills to be or be happy!  This spirit is an eternal part of the universe, and it cannot be destroyed.  It can be converted into energy and matter in the right conditions and its only desire is to be connected to the rest of the universe and its expansion on all levels.  This spirit expands through life experiences and the lessons they bring.  These are diamonds we collect on the seashore of our tiny existence.  While alive on earth You can enhance beauty, wealth, or skills because you enjoy doing so, but don’t let these things represent you!  Be the great spirit that you are and find your way of making macro and micro differences in the world. Then walk the world without needing to prove yourself or compete with others, or trying to be someone important, because to the universe you already are.

Empathetically directing your mind and body toward other people and their needs can exponentially enhance your power, confidence, and easiness in all familial, social, and business relationships. We are hard wired to relate to all other living beings, especially human beings.  Seeing and being in relationship with all there is activates your higher self and helps release your full potential.  Practicing humility is paradoxically the way you are in touch with the giant of an eternal spirit that you are because it positions you in connection to the rest of the universe.

You are of equal value and have equal rights compared to everyone around you, as do they in relation to you! This position is not arrogance; it’s love and protection for your life’s equipment and provides the same for everyone else.  It doesn’t matter if one is richer, more beautiful, or skilled, your divine identity is equal to each one of them. From now on you will never allow your mind to submit to anyone, if you do, this person will eventually look down on you and disrespect you.  Your insistence on being respected by others for the person you are is not selfish because you also offer the same respect to all others and expect the same for them as well.  You can do this because you are self-sufficient, and you hope for all of humanity on every level to be self-sufficient as well.  You recognize that this requires your own self-love, protection, and leadership, and therefore extend the wish for all humans to love, protect and lead themselves as expertly as you do for your mind and body.  It follows then that the result of your own self-leadership is the acceptance and validation of everyone else’s self-leadership as well.  With this being established, how could you or anyone do anything that would impinge on another’s authority over themselves.

This position of equality leads to the position of authenticity.  It allows you to feel confident in being yourself in any situation. Before a challenging meeting, phone call or social event, remind your mind that You is present, and ready to intervene if necessary. Assess your position of authenticity from the quality of the internal and external conversations. If your mind feels equal then the conversations are smooth, confident and natural.  If instead your mind is trying to impress the person that you are talking to, the conversation feels challenging and exhausting because your mind is preoccupied with being liked, smart, and excepted.  The secret is to be, instead of trying to be – and this comes natural only if your leadership over your mind allows it.    If you observe your mind in the zone, allowing You to be the great spirit that it is, feel proud and give appreciation, and validation to Genius.  Your validation is what Genius wants and it is you job as captain to provide it.

If you sense yourself looking up to someone and trying to impress them, try to identify what it is about that person that is making you feel this way.  If for example they are richer then you or in a position of power over you, shift your focus from these external factors making you nervous and identify the internal qualities about this person that may have resulted in the external ones that are intimidating to you.  For example, the persistence that your boss had to display to build the business despite all the challenges he faced.  This is something to respect and emulate, not be jealousy of or intimidated by.  Now relax your mind by drawing its attention to these internal factors. Using our example, you could say to your mind, “my boss may have more money than me, but I have just as much spirit and I can achieve what he has by being by best and truest self.  Now you have empowered your mind with authentic confidence in its own abilities, so it no longer needs to pretend to be someone you are not to gain another’s false validation.

 Another aspect of positioning is focusing your mind’s attention from being seen by others to being an observer of other’s needs and motives. If your standing in a place of empathy, equality and authenticity they you will be able to free your mind to focus on what needs to get done in social situations instead of worrying what people are thinking about you.   Your task as your mind’s leader is to stop needing to be the center of attention.  Redirect your attention to the people around you. You can do this because you are self-sufficient and have removed emotional dependency.

You can’t be rejected or judged because you don’t give others the power to reject or judge you. You embrace your body and mind as they are and guide them to move the focus point from you the to the people around you.  You don’t need to be liked or appreciated, so you don’t allow your mind to obsess on how people are perceiving you, it only wastes valuable brainpower you need to be at your best in every social situation.  You showered, brushed your hair and teeth, dressed appropriately and done everything else necessary to prepare for this situation, now that you are in it, relax, enjoy, focus on others, see and understand them and their emotional needs to actualize your leadership capabilities and achieve your objectives.