Luca Bosurgi

Anxiety is NOT an illness! It’s a healthy instinctual response to emotional or physical danger. The Bosurgi Method® clears permanently unchartered anxiety removing the source of false perceptions of danger.

The Bosurgi Method®, groundbreaking 12 steps-therapy under Clinical Hypnosis that helps clearing the root-cause of Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Poor Performance, Fear, Addictions and Depression. The therapy is based on pioneering knowledge about the mind and the root-cause of anxiety, wich makes traditional therapy obsolete. The program has already helped over 2,500 people to dramatically improve Efficiency, High-Performance and Happiness in every aspect of their lives. Read more…

“Life-altering and revolutionary therapy – Luca Bosurgi’s system is simple, quick, profound, and life-altering. It succeeds where conventional therapy fails, by identifying and permanently clearing the source cause of emotional blockages, instead of just treating symptoms. This system is nothing less than revolutionary.” Rob. O. Attorney