Eternal identity vs. Temporal identity (simple vs. complex)

Divine Identity - Luca Bosurgi

Who are you? What is your identity?  The answer to this question will determine your relationship with the world around you.  If you define yourself and worth by external factors such as beauty, wealth, or skills you are a gluten for punishment because the never-ending pressure of maintaining and enhancing these factors will consume you and your life.   If your … Read More

The brain is hardware, the mind is software.


Unlocking the mysteries of the human mind has been a quest that has fascinated scientists, philosophers, and curious minds for centuries. How does our brain give rise to thoughts, emotions, and consciousness? Is there a distinction between the physical organ itself and the intangible realm of our thoughts? In this blog post, we will explore the intriguing concept that the … Read More

How to self-adopt your body and mind

Self adoption the key to well-being

Introduction Welcome to the transformative journey of self-adoption! In a world where external influences constantly bombard us with expectations and standards, it’s crucial to take charge of our own wellbeing. Self-adoption is all about embracing your body and mind, cultivating a deep sense of self-love, protection, and leadership. It goes beyond mere acceptance; it empowers you to become the best … Read More

The power of emotional self-reliance

Unlocking the power of emotional self-reliance can be a transformative journey, one that liberates us from the shackles of adult emotional dependency. Imagine breaking free from the constant need for validation and approval, shedding anxiety, depression, and addictions along the way. Embracing emotional self-reliance not only empowers us to stand tall on our own two feet but also opens up … Read More



In the years I’ve conversed with people regarding relationships and marriage, I’ve detected similar motivations amongst them. Every one of us has at some point in time experienced this in our own respective associations. These typical triggers include emotional disposition such as: love, thrill, fondness and affinity; fright of being alone; having the roll or prestige of a partner (a … Read More


Dating Luca Bosurgi Blog

Are you striving to find that special someone to be in a healthy, trusting relationship with? Things tend to go smoothly in the beginning but eventually things become uneasy. It’s almost like an ongoing battle between prolonged conversations about feelings, expectations and appointments. All of this can be tiring and mentally draining. Why does it have to be so complicated? … Read More

Captain You – A Course in Emotional Self-Reliance. -Luca Bosurgi

Captain You -A course in Emotional Self-Reliance

In this book, Captain You – A Course to Emotional Self-Reliance, Luca Bosurgi introduces his unique method of Mind Fitness. Using exclusive knowledge, exercises, and tips he helps readers train their minds to become more clear and optimized. The goal is to gain self-leadership and reliance by resetting obsolete emotional programming and imbalances, learning mind management, thus eliminating Adult Emotional … Read More


Identity of our spirit Luca Bosurgi Spring Hill FL

As a spiritual/life coach, I am often asked by my clients to help them connect with their spirits. Many of them have invested years in spiritual practice to gain this connection. I believe our spirits cannot be connected to us, because we are our spirits. From a place of brute primitiveness and ignorance, we are old spirits on an educational … Read More


Mind Fitness

I’ve been hoping for many years that education would become more actual and easily accessible. I proposed this concept in a business plan two decades ago, but the resources available then were much fewer than those we now have. A government-funded digital platform created collaboratively by technology giants such as Google, Adobe, and Sony Gaming could educate students from day … Read More