Luca Bosurgi has changed my life.


“Luca Bosurgi has changed my life. I’ve done about 25 sessions with him. The first 9 sessions were 3x per week. The next 12 sessions were 2x per week. And the last 4 sessions have been 1x per week. I’ve tried therapists in the past but none of them have given me results, that I feel, have changed my life. His incorporation of Cognative Hypnotherapy was key to ‘locking in’ the actual change in my mind & the way that I think/respond to daily life. The amazing thing about working with Luca is that I trufeel that my past is finally in the PAST! And my excitement for the present and my future is unbelievable! I feel powerful in who I am and how I process my life. I love myself more than I ever have and I look forward to continuing a more loving relationship with myself. Trust the process. Trust Luca. Trust me… he will help YOU change your life for the better!” – Sasha Nourafchan – Architect