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About Mind Fitness Inc.

"Mind Fitness Inc. is my practice and school, offering services to help you take control of your life. These include Life Coaching, CognitiveOS Hypnosis, Mind Fitness Training, and Cognitive Guided Meditations (CGM). They are designed to help you overcome difficulties such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), depression, confusion, and addiction. With my expert guidance, I can provide clarity and emotional wealth, helping you to unlock your true self. Book a free consultation with me in-studio at Spring Hill - FL or via Zoom/FaceTime to begin your journey! " Luca Bosurgi
Luca Bosurgi Life Coach

Who are Mind Fitness clients and students?

Mind Fitness clients and students come from diverse backgrounds, unified by a single goal: to better their lives. They work to strengthen their mental capabilities to be more proficient in their career paths and achieve their ambitions faster. Whether they seek heightened concentration, improved time management, or better control of their feelings and ideas to do well on tests - Mind Fitness can help. Athletes rely on it to maximize their performance by eliminating psychological hindrances and conquering physical limitations. Parents use it to instill emotional security in their children, while couples seek answers for issues in their relationships; entrepreneurs use it for business success; those struggling with anxiety, depression, or addictions also get great results from Mind Fitness. Our system serves all participants with the ultimate aim of achieving a contented life which is peaceful mentally, organized properly, brimming with joy and abundance - empowering them to invest energy and resources into increasing their wellbeing.

How does the Mind Fitness therapeutic approach work?

An entire re-evaluation of mind functions and purposes is the basis for Bosurgi Mind Fitness programs. According to Luca’s school of thought, there is no such thing as a broken mind, that nature created an efficient mind that strives for efficiency. However, if its essential needs are not met, it will be inefficient and suffer with anxiety and depression. By breaking free of traditional psychological theories, this approach establishes new, fresh, and highly successful tools and solutions based on a respect for nature and the achievement of life's true purpose.

I struggled with anxiety, depression, and intimacy issue most of my life.

Chase Gasper

“Luca is incredible! I struggled with anxiety, depression, and intimacy issue most of my life and Luca’s simple method rid me of these plagues. I am forever grateful to him for saving my life. Luca is the best!”Chase Gasper – Student Athlete

Do you feel stuck and don't know why? Watch Luca's presentation on Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).

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