About The Mind Fitness™ Program

Expected emotional results

Mind Fitness™ is a proprietary program of emotional and spiritual coaching combined with CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, a fast mind’s healing, fitness and cleansing process. The program helps to clear and optimize the mind, removing unnecessary emotional blockages. This is obtained by establishing the natural self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional imbalances, and improving the management of thoughts and feelings. The process consequently clears the associated mental struggles and byproducts, ie. anxiety, fear, low confidence, overwhelm, depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, procrastination, etc. Most importantly it frees misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance and happiness.

Expected physical results

The peaceful mind’s environment attained by the method discontinues the unnecessary releases of Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine, which are the powerful hormones used by the brain to respond to danger in the “fight, freeze or flight” process. This frees the body from the intoxication and the muscular tensions produced by the hormones released in the body, allowing noticeable physical improvements. Clients has reported reduction of muscular and back pain, headache and gastro-intestinal conditions – improved sleep and stamina, and substantial enhancements in physical health, complexion and attractiveness.

Successful in the areas of

1. Emotional Disorders

Showing a rapid decrease of anxiety, fear, depression and alcohol/drugs abuse.

2. Emotional dependency

Removing fear of judgment, rejection and neediness, boosting emotional self-reliance and confidence, and allowing stable relationships and fulfilling love.

3. Constrained personal powers

Promoting dramatic enhancements in the areas of efficiency, creativity, attractiveness and happiness, as well as substantial improvements in the academic, athletic, artistic and professional achievements.

Not exclusive

Mind Fitness™ is complementary and enhances most reputable therapeutic and self-help modalities. The emotional freedom granted by the program greatly amplifies previous therapeutic and self-help work done, and offers optimal mind’s settings for present and future self-development goals.

NOT a 12 steps program

Mind Fitness™ philosophy believes that addictions are NOT illnesses, are the best options adopted by a confused and over challenged mind. As soon we provide the mind with proper direction and emotional fulfillment, addictions are terminated effortlessly.

The science

Mind Fitness™, provides answers that enrich the fields of mental health and performance, AI and Machine Learning just to name a few. Currently, the Mind Fitness™VR ( the Virtual Reality version of the program) is licensed and packaged as a VR experience through company Mind Fitness Lab – recognized on the 2016 TransTech 200 list of key technologies driving mental and emotional well-being forward.

MIND FITNESS Twelve Weeks to Freedom

Twelve-Week Daily Program. Mind Exercises | Sound Hypno-Meditations | Knowledge | Daily reflections.

We are raising funds through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, to finance the’ Mind Fitness -Twelve Weeks to Freedom’ project. Mind Fitness is a twelve-week technical and emotional program of self-realization, self-love and self-leadership. It will guide the user to free, educate and train the mind trough 80 daily steps rich of new knowledge and groundbreaking mind’s tools, sound hypno-meditations, daily exercises, and evening recaps. The program will be owned in the form of a beautiful large, high-resolution illustration book, or digitally within a compelling interactive eBook. Click here to pre-buy the program and support our mission

“The miracle extends without your help, but you are needed that it can begin. Accept the miracle of healing, and it will go forth because of what it is. It is its nature to extend itself the instant it is born.”

-A Course in Miracles