CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

** The CognitiveOS Hypnosis® therapeutic program addresses the root-causes of the mind's structural imbalances, ceases AED (Adult Emotional Dependency), clears traumas and other perceptional mistakes, synchronizes cognitive responses with unconscious, and activates the natural emotional flow and happiness. 

Symptoms reduced or cleared by CognitiveOS Hypnosis®: anxiety | stress | fear of judgment, rejection, abandonment | unwarranted fears | addictions | feeling overwhelmed and tired | depression | poor performances | people ‘pleaser’ | self-doubt | neediness | self-focus | inadequacy | social anxiety | poor confidence | lacking an identity | feeling a fraud and a failure | being a child in a world of adults | dependency in relationships | loneliness and solitude | loss of spirit-mind connection | panic attacks | anger | an inferiority complex | antisocial tendencies | emotional and spiritual numbness and more…

The program, create by Luca Bosurgi with 30 years of clinical research and tested with over 3,500 clients, has demonstrated a constant success rate with results exceeding clients' expectations. It consists in courses of 60 minutes sessions, a combination of 30 minutes of life and spiritual coaching followed by 30 minutes of mind-training in the form of awake* hypnosis. The program can be completed in just a few weeks one-on-one with Luca via phone/video conference.

The programs are of 13 sessions each:

  • Basic
    •  clears proactive and reactive anxiety, stress and fear
    •  establishes self-reparenting and self-leadership
    •  removes traumas and terminates Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).
    • promotes emotions and thoughts management
  • Intermediary (Imprints and Mind Surgery) strengthens the progress of the basic course, clears false unconscious decisions and recurring patterns,  targets still unresolved traumas and residual individual-specific issues.
  • Advanced – these are bespoken programs aiming to further optimize the thinking and the believes, master emotions, and build the perfect synchrony with the mind. 

*Awake hypnosis operates on the levels of the Theta brain-waves, keeping you awake and in control at all time.

** Expected results


Clarity, self-reliance, happiness, high-performance. CognitiveOS Hypnosis® helps train, clear and optimize the mind, removing unnecessary emotional blockages. This is obtained by establishing the natural self-leadership and self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional programming and imbalances, terminating Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) and improving emotions, thoughts and feelings management. The process consequently clears the associated mental struggles and byproducts, ie. anxiety, fear, low confidence, overwhelm, depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, procrastination, etc. Most importantly it frees misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance and happiness.

Emotional Disorders: showing a rapid decrease of anxiety, fear, depression and alcohol/drugs abuse.

 Emotional dependency: removing codependency, fear of judgment, rejection and neediness, boosting emotional self-reliance and confidence, and allowing stable relationships and fulfilling love.

Constrained personal powers: promoting dramatic enhancements in the areas of efficiency, creativity, attractiveness and happiness, as well as substantial improvements in the academic, athletic, artistic and professional achievements.

2. Physical

The peaceful mind’s environment attained by the method discontinues the unnecessary releases of Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine, which are the powerful hormones used by the brain to respond to danger in the "fight, freeze or flight" process. This frees the body from the intoxication and the muscular tensions produced by the hormones released in the body, allowing noticeable physical improvements. Clients has reported reduction of muscular and back pain, headache and gastro-intestinal conditions – improved sleep and stamina, and substantial enhancements in physical health, complexion and attractiveness.

3. Spiritual

The method helps clients to establish the vertical hierarchy spirit-mind-body, essential for balance, efficiency and happiness.  Clients, through the process reconnect with their spiritual higher-self and with God's unconditional love. This is an essential part of the CognitiveOS Hypnosis® method.

Leo Foti Film Director “Luca is unbelievably gifted! Meeting him and working with him has bettered the quality of my life immensely! With his knowledge love and intuition he developed a technique that works and works fast and works for real! I’ve been around and worked with different therapist and many kinds of practitioners nothing worked as effectively as my work with Luca! I couldn’t recommend him more!” David Walton Actor “I will not only recommend Luca to everyone, I have recommended he to everyone” Luka Pecel Film Director “When I first walked into Luca Borsugi’s office I was barely a shell of a man. My confidence shattered, my spirit broken, and a mind that was wrought by depression and addiction. Within a week, my friends said I had a glow they had not seen in years. Within a month, I was operating at an extraordinary capacity and ready to take on the world. Since I met Luca, I have stopped drinking entirely. I am writing again, and my personal relationships are predicated on love and respect and NOT co-dependency." Karen Bystedt PHOTOGRAPHER “Luca Bosurgi is an inspirational and powerful healer. He has been instrumental in my journey to regain my personal power and balance by releasing past pain and fears through his hypnosis and mind techniques. In addition he is a wonderful teacher who has encouraged my spiritual growth. I cannot recommend him enough.” Christine Wu Violinist/Composer “If you’re reading this- the answer is -yes, do this for yourself. Go. Luca’s method is very effective and he wants to help you. My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session- I really couldn’t believe it but I encountered multiple triggers that NIGHT and the response was gone (and still is). The series of sessions has changed my life in myriad ways for the better and best of all-it’s given me tools I can use for the rest of my upgraded life.” Rayne Fitton Photographer “Luca Bosurgi has singlehandedly transformed my life. His intuitiveness is like no other and his level of skill at unblocking and removing old patterns, pain and fear has caused a 100% turnaround in my life. I cannot recommend a course of sessions with him enough." Runa B. Corporate Life Coach. “Take charge of your mind and you’re off to a successful life. Luca is an exceptionally talented and experienced life-coach who helps people who have exhausted all other meant to heal and live anxiety free lives. He guides people to take charge of their lives through their mind-mastery and self-leadership. Clients come from Luca with expanded mindset and perception, and heightened sense of who they truly are. He masterfully helps people to live and lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives” Peter Opperman Life Coach “Luca Bosurgi is one of a kind and it’s hard to put into words to describe the kind of impact his work has made on me. Even after the first couple of sessions I felt as if a heavy load has been lifted off my back which I had not realized before was even there. I became aware of how much my happiness has been dependent on outside factors and how liberating it feels to stand in my own power and independence. Luca Bosurgis Method is recommended to everyone who wants to be free from any type of outside dependency and be ready to live the life they came to live.” Pepper Carlson TV Shows Producer “The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous. Our similar survival instincts and co-dependency behavior traits were threatening to tear us apart. These sessions have brought us closer together and opened us up to communicating in a healthy and positive way. I am forever grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to cut the umbilical cord of past triggers and find their true self. Embarking on the journey of the CognitiveOS Hypnbosis is a must for everyone! Thanks Luca! ” Destiny Roger Musical Dancer/Producer I wrote this because this is NOW how I feel after working with the brilliant and talented healer, Luca Bosurgi. Who’s work is not only brilliant, but it transforms your life completely. It’s my theory that his work is so effective is because it comes from an incredibly refreshing place of love. .” Martin Linss Cinematographer. “A trusted friend and a mind training that has changed my life. Unlike therapy Luca’s approach is an instant step to changing the very core of the issue. Mindful and deeply intuitive. I have recommenced his services to friends and without an exception everyone had a profound and lasting transformation. Highly recommended ” Fiona Goodwin Psychotherapist. “Extraordinary insight – I am a 56 year old female, psychotherapist and I have experienced the gamut of healing modalities. Luca is one of the most insightful life coach I have ever met – his understanding of humanity, men’s issues, women’s issues, young people’s issues is nothing short of extraordinary. The technique he uses short cuts the usual extended therapeutic relationship and I have found a new way to look at my life and am experiencing significant shifts.” Will Bucksbaum Student & Athlete “Luca has changed my outlook on all situations. I came to see him to help with baseball and how to use what I knew to make a difference in my game. What I learned were life lessons on how to better approach all challenging situations in my life. Not only am I playing better but I am more confident in every aspect of my life. Luca is warm and friendly and so knowledgable. He is very special and I thank him!” Rebecca Simon Professor of Law Luca Bosurgi is a very special man.“Luca blessed with a divine grace that you will only understand when in his presence. He has completely changed my life forever. The deep love and happiness I have found through working with Luca is truly awe-inspiring. I will never be able to fully articulate the gift that Luca has shared with me. I give Luca my highest recommendation and only hope that he will continue to do his good work for others for as along as he can.” Alan Abrams Attorney “I cannot stress enough how effective Luca’s mind training is and how he helped me transform myself into a better person. I sought out Luca to quit smoking and after a few treatments, I lost all desire to smoke. I didn’t stop there and went on to take more treatments to help me manage my life which was chaotic and in disarray. Luca taught me to be my own man and helped me rid my life of co-dependency and crippling behaviors that had dogged me all of my life. It was life changing and one of the best things to ever happen to me ” Monique Klarich Organic Farmer “Luca has added so much to my life! I feel I can take on anything that comes my way the best way possible, because he has allowed me to see things clearly and with a “Zen” mind, so that I can make choices without having pre-judgments. Because of him, I have become a self-leader who has self-confidence and a great love for who I am. His method is tried and proven and I believe that anybody can greatly benefit from it. Luca, keep on doing your great service to mankind, one at a time!” Mel P. Insurance Agency Owner “ I’ve met with Luca about 12 times now, and I have to say the magic he provides to ones brain is incredible. Not only has he helped me visualize and analyze things differently with my business, its improved my personal quality of life with my family. Thanks to Luca my business is having its best year ever since I started my business 10 yeas ago.” Alison (Ally) Andrews Advertising Executive London “The man who started the beginning of the rest of my life. I have spent most of my life medicated for depression and anxiety and before seeing Luca waking up used to be the most painful part of my day and going to sleep was the highlight. I just couldn’t get out of bed and face the day. It took me 25 years to find Luca and two short months to start rebuilding myself from hell to heaven step by step. Easily the best time and money I have ever invested. Luca is a really special guy and it’s been a privilege. ” Loreta Frankonite Singer “I can’t thank Luca Bosurgi enough for his program. It’s the only thing that helped me walk away from my mentally abusive relationship and take charge of my own life and happiness. Just one course fixed my codependency issues that I’ve had since childhood, and I finally feel that I can take care of myself in every way, especially emotionally. Luca’s program is a miracle and a new start in my life. It’s the best thing I could have ever done for myself. ” Tatiana Plakhova Visual Artist “Work with Luca Bosurgi was one of the most important experiences of up leveling and in some way upgrading the mind in it’s conscious and subconscious stages. That is extremely helpful for my creative work. ” CLIENTS TESTIMONIAL

The 13-session CognitiveOS Hypnosis® - Basic program

Consultation: 30-45 minutes

* During this consultation you will revise with Luca your symptoms, your needs and goals, you will learn about the mind and the CognitiveOS Hypnosis® program and assess if the method is suitable for you.  The initial consultation is free and required to be admitted to the program.

Sessions 1: Anamnesis and Release of Reactive Anxiety and Fear I
• After an initial conversation about your symptoms and important life events, the 1st session will ease your mind into the CognitiveOS Hypnosis® program introducing you to your unconscious mind and to the first CognitiveOS Hypnosis® technique used to release reactive anxiety and fear.

Sessions 2-3: Release of Reactive Anxiety and Fear II -III
• These 2 sessions help your mind release unwanted anxiety and fear. This vital initial step aims to reduce the inefficient activity of your brain, freeing brainpower required to progress with the mind training.

Sessions 4-7: Releasing of Proactive Anxiety & Fear - Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) 
• Sessions 4 to 7 help your mind accept and embrace what is natural and long past due emotional self-reliance. The release of Adult Emotional Dependency is one of the main steps of the basic training. I notice substantial changes in most clients during or immediately after this group of sessions.

Sessions 8-10: Building a Framework for Self-Reliance
• These sessions capitalize on the mind's new-found willingness to establish and enhance emotional independence. These sessions are crucial to create the framework for your new self-reliant behaviors.

Sessions 11-12: Journeys of Forgiveness - Release Self-judgment, Shame, Guilt & Regret - Self-forgiveness and Release Judgment, Blame, Resentment, Anger & Pain and Forgive others.
• The sessions 11-12 focus on the successful processing of your past experiences, associated with yourself and to others. The aim is to remove negative emotional attachments with the past. This process frees furthermore misused brainpower and enhances your relationship with yourself and with the relevant people of your past.

Sessions 13: Release of Reactive anxiety and fears
• The last session completes the basic program, focusing on the release of lingering unwanted anxiety and fear.

Luca Bosurgi is a very special man.“Luca blessed with a divine grace that you will only understand when in his presence. He has completely changed my life forever. I know something now, which Luca has helped me to achieve, that I have never known before. I have access a source of strength inside my mind that was always there – but Luca showed me how to use it. The deep love and happiness I have found through working with Luca is truly awe-inspiring. I will never be able to fully articulate the gift that Luca has shared with me. I give Luca my highest recommendation and only hope that he will continue to do his good work for others for as along as he can.” Rebecca Simon – Professor of Law. Genbook

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® - Mind Fitness Virtual Reality

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® is also offered in the form of a mobile Virtual Reality app.

Done through 20 subliminal exercises in the form of Virtual Reality guided meditations. Delivered on-demand to your mobile device. All you’ll need to do, is set aside around 10 to 45 minutes per session where you detach from the day-to-day activities and open your mind for our mind training sessions. After a few sessions, you will feel lighter, clearer and much more efficient. After the full program, you will be transformed, empowered, happy and beautiful. Despite it’s a simple, effortless and a short process, the results are remarkable. Cost of the program: $89.99
You can order the Virtual Reality app here


1.The Science

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, provides answers that enrich the fields of mental health and performance, AI and Machine Learning just to name a few. Currently, the Mind Fitness™VR ( the Virtual Reality version of the program) is licensed and packaged as a VR experience through company Mind Fitness Lab – recognized on the 2016-19 TransTech 200 list of key technologies driving mental and emotional well-being forward.

2.Not Exclusive

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® is complementary and enhances most reputable therapeutic and self-help modalities. The emotional freedom and self-reliance granted by the program greatly amplifies previous therapeutic and self-help work done, and offers optimal mind’s settings for present and future self-development goals.

3.Not a 12 steps program

The CognitiveOS Hypnosis® philosophy believes that addictions are NOT illnesses, are the best options adopted by a confused and over challenged mind. As soon we provide the mind with proper direction and emotional fulfillment, addictions are terminated.

You own your mind, you are not owned by your mind!

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

The mind is highly efficient and always seeks the best options

Your mind belongs to you, is perfect and always tries to provide you with the safest and most efficient life. If it doesn’t, it’s because your mind is unguided and confused.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

Mental struggles are the consequences of an unguided and unloved mind

An unloved and unmanaged mind feels like an abandoned kid, anxious, confused, scared, overwhelmed, angry and depressed.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

The mind requires your leadership and love to operate efficiently

A well trained and cared mind, has all the needed resources to love, create, succeed, be empowered, highly performing and unconditionally happy.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis® - The Courses

The Anxiety Clinic Program 13 Sessions The Anxiety Clinic is the basic CognitiveOS Hypnosis® program engineered to train the mind to clear proactive and reactive anxiety, stress and fear, implement self-reliance, interrupt Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), boost positive behavioral choices and allow emotional freedom and happiness. 1 Week Intensive 13 sessions (twice daily) This is the Anxiety Clinic program condensed in just 6 days (Mon-Sat), typically chosen by out-of-state clients with a limited availability of time that however prefer the in-person sessions. Mind surgery Removal of false unconscious believes This program helps to synchronize logic with unconscious. We logically know that the chatter that inhabits our mind is not true, but despite that, it doesn’t stops limiting our performance and confidence. In each sessions of this program we use a logical process to identify the roots of your unconscious miss-believes, and then with a subliminal method in CognitiveOS Hypnosis® we help your mind to embrace the true, removing these false data and the associated behaviors. Past Traumas Transform the liabilities of the past
into precious experiences
This program updates the perception of your past experiences, according to your current emotional and intellectual maturity. This subliminal process clears emotional traumas, capitalizes on past experiences, updates behavioral models and creates new spiritual and practical life tools.
Creative freedom Actors, singers, writers, composers, artists. The Creative Freedom's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of freedom of expression, confidence and talent in the area of performance and creativity. This essential course helps new and established actors, artists, composers and writers to unleash or improve their natural artistic skills, and obtain or enhance their deserved success. High-Performance Unleash the beast in you! The High-Performance's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of efficiency, high-performance and time management in work, relationships, academic studies, sport, spirituality, etc. This essential course will help you clear procrastination and improve dramatically your focus, efficiency and the ability to perform successfully in every aspect of your life. BETTER PARENTING Be the parent you wish you had The Better Parenting's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of parents' behavioral models and emotional fulfillment. This course will help you to improve your focus and efficiency as parent and educator, and will grant your children proper parental self-reliant behavioral models, shielding them from the emotional pains caused by Adult Emotional Dependency. POST TRAUMATIC STRESS PTSD The Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)'s program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis in the area of the re-processing and perceptional changes of traumatic experiences. It helps reset the survival system (responsible for the 'fight, freeze or flight' process) and remove trauma’s related anxiety and fear. This program helps military veterans and non-military people that incurred life-crippling traumatic experiences to regain efficiency, purpose and joy in their lives. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP Attract and keep love You can't love successfully others if you don't love yourself. The Love and Relationship's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of self-love, emotional availability, emotional PTSD, self-reliance in relationship and attraction. This course will help you to attract (and keep) your deserved life partner or dramatically improve your existing relationship. HIGH-POWER STUDENT THE POWER OF CLARITY AND FOCUS The high power student's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of confidence and high-performance in the academic environment. This program helps students to boost dramatically their focus, stamina, memory and performance. HIGH-EXECUTIVE MANAGMENT The power of leadership The High-Power Executive Management's program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of leadership, high-performance in the business environment, mind clarity and focus. This program helps companies to boost dramatically their performance, expansions and success. High-Power Sales Executive The sells booster The High-Power Sales Executive program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of confidence, empathy and drive. This program helps companies to boost dramatically the performance of their sales team. Alcohol & Drugs Addiction Remove the fear - remove the addiction The Alcohol & Drugs Addiction program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of self-emotional fulfillment, mind management, mental endurance, and reset unwarranted anxiety and fear. This program helps embrace sobriety effortlessly - we recommend enter this program after at least 30 days of rehabilitation in a specialized center. High-Focus Athlete For Pro Athletes The High-Focus Athlete program expands CognitiveOS Hypnosis® in the area of focus, thoughts and emotions management, high-performance and mental endurance. This program grants exceptional performance to professional and non-professional athletes. Tailor-made Bespoken programs The CognitiveOS Hypnosis® ability to help implementing alternative behavioral models, reset instinctual responses and remove obsolete behavior can be applied to most mind related issues.

Peter Hopperman

Luca Bosurgi is one of a kind and it’s hard to put into words to describe the kind of impact his work has made on me. Even after the first couple of sessions I felt as if a heavy load has been lifted off my back which I had not realized before was even there.
I became aware of how much my happiness has been dependent on outside factors and how liberating it feels to stand in my own power and independence.
Luca Bosurgis Method is recommended to everyone who wants to be free from any type of outside dependency and be ready to live the life they came to live.”Peter Opperman – Life Coach

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“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”
-Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona