a Course in Emotional Self-Reliance

Clarity, self-reliance, happiness, high-performance. The Bosurgi Mind Fitness method offered in this book, Captain You – A Course to Emotional Self-Reliance, combines exclusive knowledge, exercises, takeaways, and tips with 21 Bosurgi Mind Fitness™ Virtual Reality sessions (included with this book) to help you train, clear, and optimize your mind, removing unnecessary emotional blockages. This is obtained by establishing your natural self-leadership and self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional programming and imbalances, terminating Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), and improving emotions, thoughts, and feelings management. The process will help you clear associated mental struggles and byproducts, such as anxiety, fear, low confidence, overwhelm, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and procrastination. Most importantly, it will free misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance, and happiness.

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